AEK News (Alot of it)

So, AEK has been on the news all day, and everyday, for the past few days. The reason why? It looks like two Cypriot investors (the identities have not yet been revealed) are going to invest a large sum of money. I can’t remember the exact details but I believe one of the Cypriot investors will be investing seven million euros, another will invest two million, and the shareholders already with AEK will add another six million, meaning that overall, fifteen million euros will be invested into the team. Of course, this could all change, but as of right now thats how things look. It has also been confirmed on AEK’s site, but only in Greek.

That is definately good news, seeing as financial stability is something we haven’t seen at our beloved team in many years. What will be done with this money has not been confirmed. It could go to stabilize the team’s finances, or perhaps some of it could go towards a singing or two. We’ll have to wait for more news. A number of possibilites as to who the investors could be but some have denied it already. We should learn more soon.

Another important bit of news is, LEONARDO WILL SIGN! Even though we thought a few days ago that everything was done for now with Leonardo it turns out he will sign afterall. Perhpas the president of Levadeiakos realized that they would get nothing for him in January so they might as well sell him now. Good news, especially since we dont have to worry as much about money for the time being.

In other news, AEK drew their first friendly with Cluj, 1-1. AEK’s goal came from Blanco, after a quick free kick was taken by Scocco. The team looked alright, but more friendlys will be required before we can begin to make judgments on how the team looks. All I hope for is that we are prepared for Europa League, which I think we could do quite well in. Seeing as Bejevic has plenty of European experiecompared to Donis), Im sure if the team is ready than we could be a strong team in the tournament.

Some news to report about Olympiakos. Derbyshire will be out for a while due to an injury, and he probably wont be ready for the match against AEK. Great news for us, horrible for them, seeing as he has been theyre best striker lately. Afterall, Diogo hasn’t scored a goal for months, and has not been looking in form. Another critical injury to report for Olympiakos is that Torosodis will be out for six months (and other sources are saying he will be out for only a month). Again, good news for us, not for them, if he is actually out for the the game against us.

Since Seitaridis never replied to AEK we are now looking at Paulo Ferrari, a defender who currently plays for River Plate. Seeing as we could probably afford him now, this could be a good move. Afterall, we do need to strengthen our defense.


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