AEK News

Well, it looks like everything is over with Leonardo for at least six months. Levadeiakos have said that he is an important member of the team (well that was kind of obvious) and AEK have released an official announcement on their site (although its in Greek) confirming that we have stopped trying to sign him. They thanked him for showing interest in the team though. Article with more details here.

Its unfortunate that we did not manage to sign him. The young Brazilian has shown alot of talent these past two years and he could of been with us right now had we not released him a few years back when he was part of AEK. Oh well, we can wait until winter and hope to sign him then, when he will be a free agent, assuming he doesn’t get picked up by anyone else. He does afterall deserve to play at a bigger club.

In other AEK news, our friendly today was cancelled due to rain. It was also extremely cold in Austria today (five degrees celsius!). At least this will help toughen our players up a bit.

There has been alot of mention of both Gonzales and Seitaridis. Its begining to look like we might be close to signing the latter. Whether this will be a good move or not, only time will tell. He hasn’t had much playing time yet, has been affected by injury, and has been known to not be a very disiplinned player. Assuming he respects Bajevic, regains some fitness, and has recovered completely from his injury then I could see this being a great transfer. Otherwise, I think we should stay away and save the money.


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