Trigila Rafinas 0-2 AEK

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Not a terribly impressive result, but the three points are ours either way so I can’t complain too much.

Sounds like it was a decent game all around, though Platellas, Cirillo, D’Acol, and Anakoglou all got special mention. Platellas was yet again impressive, scoring one goal and assisting in another, and I’m really starting to get excited for what he’ll have to show us when second division comes around. Brecevic was out again for this game.

I love how our fans manage to make any match feel like were playing at home.

AEK 2-1 Irodotos

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Not one of our better games this season by the sounds of things. Judging from what I’ve read and heard, it seems as though our defense was particularly tragic (a terrible mistake from Vasillis Rovas practically handed Irodotos their goal), though our offense was not too much better. Believe it or not, we missed not one, but two penalties… I’m starting to find this very concerning. Surely we should expect better from our penalties? At this point, we’ve scored less than half of the penalties we’ve had all season. 


Highlight of the game is without a doubt Platellas’ game winning goal late in the match. I could not help but be reminded of some of Scocco’s goal when I saw the goal afterwards. Of all the younger Greek players currently playing for us, Platellas really does seem to be the most consistent so far.

After 19 games so far this season, we are ahead in first place by 13 points. We currently have 47 points while second place Kifissia has 34 points. Definitely a safe place to be for now, though things are far from decided.




Agios Nikolaos 1-6 AEK

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As was mentioned in the comments section of my last post, I didn’t post anything about our last game. A rather disappointing result to say the least (a 1-0 loss to Thiella Rafinas), especially considering how well we had done the few games leading up to the loss.

It seemed like we were again heading for another disappointing result today for much of the game. We missed a penalty early on (so far this season, we have only scored five of our ten penalties), but managed to go up 1-0 through an Anakoglou goal in the 18th minute.

People started to worry a bit after Agios Nikolaos tied things up in the 32nd minute. They managed to keep things even at 1-1 until the 67th minute mark, when D’Acol scored, making it 2-1. Almost immediately after, we scored another three goals (in the 68th, 70th, and 73rd minute, another goal from Anakoglou and another two from D’Acol).D’Acol, after having already scored a hat-trick, finished things up in the 88th minute, making it an ultimately comfortable score of 6-1 for AEK.

The critique of the players, despite the high score, was not as positive as I would have liked to have seen. D’Acol and Anakoglou both were praised for their performances, though it seems like the rest of the team played a rather mediocre game. Our lack of consistency seems to really be affecting us this season, and I can only hope we improve on that next season. Second division teams will be a lot more likely to punish and take advantage when we don’t play as well as we should or could.

AEK 8-1 AO Peristeriou

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Not much to say here, yet another impressive match from our offense. Brecevic, D’Acol, and Cordero all got great ratings from AEK365 but it seems the main guy from the match was Platellas (who overwhelmingly won the mvp vote on AEK365 and scored a hatrick).

Certainly nice to see us playing well offensively, though our defense consistently seems to be mediocre and “good enough”, though rarely anything special (according to the reviews Ive been getting from AEK365)… Now that I think about it, its a little surprising things are the way they are considering our coach is one of the best Greek defenders of the past twenty years.

AEK 8-0 Mandraikos

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They keep coming! Another solid win, our biggest yet of the season. In the past four games, we’ve scored 19 goals and conceded 0. Not a bad record at all.

Second hatrick in a row for Brecevic (third so far this season), seems like the guy really loves scoring. Our other scorers were Anakoglou (2 goals), Platellas, Petavrakis, and an own goal by Mandraikos.

AEK365′s critique of the players was not quite as positive overall as I was expecting with the scoreline. Some players got great reviews, while others apparently contributed very little to the match. Brecevic and Cordero both got great reviews (two players who have been among our most consistent this season), as did Anakoglou and Petavrakis. I can really see all four players playing an important role in the team next season.

Pannaxiakos 0-5 AEK

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The momentum continues to build for AEK after another solid victory. Three goals Brecevic (I’m really looking forward to see how this guy develops, seems like he loves scoring) and two from Platellas (another promising player) sealed the deal rather comfortably for us in what was a rainy match on the island of Naxos.

AEK365′s critique of the players was fairly positive for the second week in a row, with the two scorers getting particularly good reviews. Aside from scoring a hatrick, Brecevic was also apparently quite active on the ball, providing a lot of energy to our play going forward. The same was said for Cordero, who also received a positive review from AEK365. Cirillo’s performance, meanwhile, was seen as the strongest of our defenders.

There was no broadcast of the match unfortunately, so the only video available of the goals is not of great quality, but here it is nonetheless:

Worth noting that Pavlis was in the stands with the Originals, singing in the rain throughout the match. Gotta love his passion for the club.


AEK 3-0 Ermis Zonianon

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Another three goal win, which keeps us ten points ahead for another week. Judging from the highlights, we played pretty well, especially up front. I’m really quite impressed with what I’ve been seeing from some of these players. Lots of energy, skill, intelligent playing, great off the ball movement, lots of chances being created. My opinion is only based on highlights I’ve seen, but I really like what I’m seeing so far.

The scorers were Popovic, Anakoglou, and Tsevas. AEK365 gave pretty good reviews from almost all our players aside Grontis. From what I heard, it was a pretty straight ahead match for us, which is what I like to hear. We now have 35 points, followed by Irodotos (25 points) and Kifissia (23 points)

The good news doesn’t end there.We have made a few more singings for next season, mostly first division players (including a couple from Panionios). I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about these guys, and its certainly great to see that we’re already starting to build a competitive roster for next season. I’m curious to see how many of our current players are going to step up their game even further considering quite a few of them will have more experienced players competing for their spot in the roster.

Even more good news now! Something happened today in Nea Filadelfia, something which I was never sure I’d actually get the chance to see happen. The first bulldozer made its way onto the land where our stadium once stood, and more are apparently coming tomorrow. I’m not certain what the schedule for construction is, or if any actual construction will start sometime soon, but this is certainly good news either way. I will be sure to post more updates as they come.



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