AEK 1-0 Platanias!!

YEP! Our first win of the season! And it came at a great time. Still early enough in the season that we can turn things around. Still more than enough teams near us in the standings that with a little momentum, we can easily climb to higher positions. And especially with some big games coming up, we really needed a win to boost our morale and confidence (for both the players and the supporters).

I didnt get to watch the match but it sounds like we did alright, and sounded like we were much stronger in the second half. And though I havent seen any games yet, I definitely feel more confident with Linen. Not to take anything away from Vlachos… He loves AEK, came in at a really hard time and did what he could, but he just doesnt have the experience and professionalism that Linen has.

I cant wait to see how these guys turns things around now.


Oh, and also, the crowd at the end of the match (reminds me of the atmosphere after some of our big derby wins):

I also loved seeing Linen walk up to the Originals like that!


And I found one video of the highlights on youtube but Ill wait and see if I find a link for a better quality one. Fountas scored our goal after being set up by a great pass from Roger (apparently Roger made quite the difference when he came one).


2 Responses to “AEK 1-0 Platanias!!”

  1. Epitelous………..Forza Aekara!!!!

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Two in a row this weekend, and three in a row by the following weekend 🙂

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