I certainly wasn’t expecting us to get our first win of the season in Toumba, but a 1-0 loss still isn’t too bad (considering our current situation… young players, first derby for the team, new coach). I didn’t get to watch or follow the match, but I heard that we played a pretty tight game defensively and managed to hold PAOK back for much of the match. We also apparently weren’t treated too well by the ref, but what else is new…

We’re still last in the league (painful isn’t it?) but we can still definitely turn things around. Not so sure we can make the playoffs, but hopefully we’ll be able to stay safely away from relegation. Our next match is against Platanias and though I know little about this club and have yet to see them play, and though they are a new team to the league, they’re doing quite well. But hopefully we’ll get our first win?


6 Responses to “PAOK 1-0 AEK”

  1. Nice to see you back. Been a horrid start. The only way is up ! lets just hope 🙂

  2. Thanks! Its nice to be back. And that, my friend, is very true!

  3. I really want to see the Gavroi get hammered tonight but im going to a dear friend to see the game and he is ofcourse Gavros so im kind of stuck… anywho forza AEK !

  4. Chris Zap Says:

    As what has been the case so far this season, we make one mistake and we pay the price! Other than that, although PAOK had something like 70% possession, they were not very threatening. Yeah, too bad about the gavroi but the win is good for Greek football. PAO tied today against Lazio, tragic auto-goal by the vazeloi (PAO)

    • Agreed about the Gavroi hate aside on the international level they do represent Greece although they would not reciprocate. Awful lets comical own goal from PAO. They played ok I suppose.

      • Chris Zap Says:

        Lets see how we do against Platanias on Sunday at 7:30 local time. Keep in mind the clocks change in Greece this weekend. Our players are asking for support from the fans since they have no one left to back them up. Us, the fans, are the only ones left that have been supporting this team. We are second in attendance after the gavroi. Not bad for a last placed team on the standings.

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