Youngest Goal Scorer in AEK History,Taxiarchis Fountas!!!!


5 Responses to “Youngest Goal Scorer in AEK History,Taxiarchis Fountas!!!!”

  1. Bullet of a shot!

  2. AEKMAN 74 Says:

    great work from Roger………..

  3. thanks ..great up PAO boom boom

  4. Unfortunately that was a sleeper of a game, the PAO game that is. Not sure who watched it, boring first half where our guys simply sat there and watched them play. Their goal was pretty, i have to admit that. We turned it up a notch in the second half, especially during the last couple of minutes in extra time, we came sooo close to tying it.

    It was today May 5th, 2003 that we made our biggest mistake ever, destroying our stadium

    Something else worth noting, despite the crisis in the Greek economy, PAO and AEK were the only two of the biggest teams that had increased season ticket sales. The rest all had a significant drop especially PAOK and OFSP. This shows how much we love our team. Too bad those with major cash don’t have the same love towards this team that represents so much.

  5. I still cant believe the stadium is gone… doesnt make sense why they had to take it all down like that

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