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And the goals just keep coming..

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AEK 6-0 Veria

Just a few days after beating Levadeiakos 6-0 in the Cup, our attacking form carried over to our league game today against Veria. Thats right, two 6-0 games in a row, bringing our total goals scored to 15 after the first five games for Jimenez. Not only that, but we’ve managed to not concede a single goal since he took over, an impressive feat considering we were conceding a little too easily prior to his time with the team.

Aside from the game against Tripolis, we’ve faced pretty weak opposition since hes been in charge. Regardless, the change is evident and whether we’re able to compete consistently with the teams above us remains to be seen doesn’t take away from the fact that the team has seemed to have found confidence and understanding on the pitch that simply wasn’t there before.

Today’s lineup featured some changes from the lineup against Levadeiakos but it seemed to work just as well. Notably, Bakasetas wasn’t in the starting lineup today as our attacking midfield instead consisted of Mantalos, Araujo, and Christodolopoulos. Also of note was the fact that Pekhart was the striker with Araujo instead playing a support role today. From what I was hearing on the radio, it seemed to work quite well, even though surprisingly enough, both Pekhart and Araujo did not end up on the scoring sheet.

The MVP of the match was, without much surprise, Christodolopoulos. He opened the scoring with a fantastic finish and finished the match up with the final goal just before the whistle. Our other scorers were Lambropoulos and Mantalos, while Veria also scored an own goal.

Overall it sounded like the entire team played well today. Veria might not have pressured us very much at all throughout the game but it didn’t sound like we had a weak link out there, something which I’m not used to seeing with this team so far this season.

I’ve posted a YouTube video of the highlights below but seeing as the quality is quite awful, you can also see higher quality highlights on the NovaSports site:


EDIT: I completely forgot to mention the goal by Vranjes. He has been pretty solid for us and as others have commented online, our defense when he is finally paired with Chyrgrynski will be pretty impressive.


Veria 0-2 AEK

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We got our second win today in Northern Greece as our good start to the season continued thanks to goals from Bakasetas and Vargas. To be honest the scoreline wasn’t as convincing as I was expecting it to be but at the end of the day the team were able to do what was needed to get the win.

My streams today were iffy at best, but I was able to get an idea of how we were playing for the most part and while there were some positives to take away from the match, I was still a bit worried at times with what I was seeing. We did well for long stretches of time to move the ball around and create very convincing opportunities but then we would sit back at other times and make no effort to take control of the match. From what I remember we did this especially after scoring our first goal and at the start of the second half, possibly the worst moments of the match to do so (especially if we were to do so against a stronger team). I’m not sure what it is that makes the team do that but I noticed something similar against Xanthi once we had a decent lead built up, as if the whole team collectively decides to relax a little too much.

Thankfully we were able to pick things up eventually and start creating some chances again though I was worried for a while that we weren’t going to score a second goal. Its not that we weren’t creating chances, because we were, but we struggled to get things to click right in front of the net. So many great opportunities were stopped by either the keeper or the post, but many others were let down by poor finishing (noteably some of the opportunities involving Bakasetas and Platellas). I’m really happy to see us creating these chances but if we struggle to put these many away, we’ll really be made to pay for that when the derbies come around.

Enough about the negatives though, lets talk about what worked well for us. Two players stood out for me: Patito and Bakasetas. Patito was a constant threat on the right side of the pitch, constantly working the ball further towards goal and sending in perfectly placed passes. Normally when I see a player with the ball near the box I’d rather they just got it in with a pass rather than try to dribble past some defenders but Patito doesn’t cause those same kind of worries with me. He, much like Scocco, has that tight ball control that enables him to seemingly effortlessly make his past one, two, or more defenders. Its beautiful and exciting stuff to watch and its only a matter of time until he scores a phenomenal goal himself (I’m thinking something along the lines of Scocco’s goal against Olympiakos back in that 4-4 cup final).

Bakasetas also had a great game which I was very happy to see. While the singings of Almeida, Lescott, and Patito were all great moves during the summer, it was Bakasetas’ singing that I was most excited about. Today proved why he was such a great catch by us and I can only hope that we’ll see more of him in games to come. He was a constant threat upfront, provided the assist for the second goal, and showed great awareness of what was going on around him on a few occasions. All too often a young Greek talent comes to one of the big teams and ultimately fails to make any significant impact but I genuinely feel that Bakasetas could be the exception to that.

Aside from those two players, the rest of the team did well too. Mantalos was dangerous, Almeida had some great chances before he had to be subbed off (hopefully his injury isn’t much worse this time around). We were sound defensively and while I feel Lescott still needs another game or two to really settle in, I feel like hes starting to get comfortable with what he has to do.

Ketsbaia did alright today, everyone seemed to know their roles well and though the starting lineup was predictable, it was the one that made the most sense to go with. One thing he did though which really confused me was taking off Patito and subbing on Platellas. Platellas ultimately did alright, but I really didn’t understand the logic behind the move. We were still looking for a goal, Patito didn’t show any sign of injury and was still contributing to the match. Why Ketsbaia decided to take him off for a player who plays a similar role I can’t quite figure out. But hey, we got the result in the end so I won’t question it too much yet. Whether his decisions will cost us in the derbies we’ll have to see.

As usual a round of applause is due for our supporters in Veria today. Though I was only able to watch from my computer a few thousand kilometres away from the stadium, it never once seemed like an away game. AEK supporters filled a curve at the end as well one of the main stands along the side of the pitch and if the reactions from some of the players and Ketsbaia is anything to go by, their support really made a difference throughout the match.

Highlights, though not in great quality, can be seen here:

And, if you have some extra time you can watch the whole match here:


AEK 3-0 Veria

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Another match and yet another win, bringing our total so far in 2016 to eight wins in a row. I really could not ask for better momentum going into the games against Atromitos and Olympiakos.

For the third league game in a row it was Vargas who opened the score for us after tapping in a beautiful pass from Didac. The scoring thankfully did not end there though as Aravidis added a second early in the second half before Mantalos scored off the rebound of Buonanotte’s penalty towards the end of the match. It wasn’t the easiest match for us as Veria were pretty stubborn up front, sending in a few shots that looked dangerous but ultimately went wide more often than not. Yet again though, the team showed they now have what it takes to get the win one way or another, even if we don’t always score the prettiest goals.

The way we’ve been managing to get these crucial wins is something that I think Poyet really deserves credit for. He seems to have found a way to get the team to take control of games, get the ball forward, and put the pressure on until something goes in, a formula that certainly seems to be working so far. A lot of it really comes down to the way the team has learned to control the game, settle down when they need to, and play effective and direct passes in order to get the ball up. I feel that this all comes down to Simoes and Johansson, two players who are physical but calm, players who are not afraid to hold on to the ball one extra second and look for the right option. To be able to control so much possesion in the centre of the pitch and start our attacks there rather than always going back is what really makes our play standout to me compared to what we were seeing under Dellas.

I really don’t have too many complaints about the team’s overall performance today, though a lot of that could simply come down to the fact that we were facing fairly weak opposition today. Having said that, I feel Didac deserves a fair bit of credit. The energy he provides down the left wing, both offensively and defensively, provide a huge boost to the team. On top of that, some of his passes such as the one that set up the goal were beautifully placed and timed and with bit of luck he could have ended up with another assist.

All in all, things are looking good for us. I would normally be a bit more worried about next week’s game against Atromitos since they’re never an easy team to play away, but their form lately has been quite poor and with us having such great momentum, I really think we have a good chance of getting the win. With PAO still only four points behind us, we need all the points we can get.

Highlights as usual found here:

I’ll also be checking to see if a full broadcast of the game is put online later on as well for those who didn’t get the chance to watch it earlier.


Veria 1-2 AEK

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A very close call for the team today as we managed to sneak away with a 2-1 win at the very last minute. Not the most comfortable way I’d like to see us get the three points, but a win is a win and judging from what I read on AEK365, we played better than in our last game against PAOK.

We went down 1-0 in the first half thanks to Neto’s strike (the same Neto who used to play for Aris… I had no idea he was still playing in Greece), but we were able to tie things up with Buonannote’s rebound goal. Barbosa was the big hero of the match with his nicely placed free kick at the 90th minute.

Aside from the win, I’d have to say that the most important thing we can take away from this game is the fact that Mantalos was able to start and finish an entire game. Considering this was his first start after being out for so many months, it sounds like he played a decent game. Other noteworthy performances were by Barbosa, Buonnanote, and Didac Villa in his first official performance with the team.

We’re currently sitting in 4th place with 10 points, which is okay considering we’ve already had one of our toughest away derbies. Its too bad though that we’ve dropped points at both the PAOK and Xanthi game since theoretically could have been only behind first by one or two points. Instead, we’re currently five points behind Olympiakos.

It seems like Nova’s highlights are actually working for me today:

AEK 2-1 Veria

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Unfortunately, due to the usual excuse of school work with the term approaching its end, I haven’t had too much time to actually write much worthwhile here on the blog. I think gtmanleg’s comment on a previous post sums up pretty well our game over the weekend:

“Good win today that should stave off any chance at relegation. Let’s get a few more.

The disturbing thing is that gesture made after the 84 minute goal. I really hope that was a mindless error.”

Definitely great that we got all three points, and it looks like we should be pretty safe from here on. I won’t lie, but that’s a pretty big relief, there were some moments earlier in the season where it seemed like relegation was a definite possibility.

Something happened at the game which was everywhere on the internet. Really. And that something is the gesture Katidis made after scoring his game winning goal, a gesture which looks pretty much identical to the Nazi salute. I honestly don’t know what to think. Was he really making the salute? Or, has he claims, did he not know what it meant?

If he was actually making it intentionally (which I believe very well could be the case, considering the rise of neo-nazi ideologies in Greece these past couple years, and the media Xrisi Avgi have been receiving), what was he thinking? Does he actually support neo-nazi views? He stated afterwards that he in no way does, and that he understands the history of AEK and the refugees who formed our club and identity, and the discrimination they faced simply because they were refugees.

It is possible that he actually did not know what the gesture meant. I find it hard to believe he could not know what it meant, but perhaps my experiences simply don’t compare to his. As someone who is actually taking a human rights course at the University level at the moment, a course in which the Holocaust is discussed in quite detail, I cannot imagine making that gesture and not associating it with its disgusting past. But perhaps he, simply as a 20 year old football player with little to no political experience at all, really just did not know?

Bottom line is, none of us can know. We really can’t. I will however say that I have not been too impressed with his attitude in general since he joined the club, and I honestly have not been too impressed with his playing either, though perhaps that is something which would’ve changed over time. Now we may never know, as his future with AEK is still not certain.

Part of me does feel kind of bad for the kid (just kind of), if it was in fact an honest though terrible mistake. We’ll have to see over time though, perhaps this whole experience will turn out to have its advantages.

Panthrakikos 1-2 AEK

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Seven games undefeated since January and we don’t look like slowing down any time soon.

Despite the recent court decision to ban all organized away fans in Greece 1,000 AEK fans we’re in the stadium of Komotini cheering on the boys louder than ever! Nothing will get in the way of AEK supporters. You gotta love it.

Well, as for the game, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Not only do you never know what can happen with this AEK team (despite our recent run of good form) but Panthrakikos had just won two games in a row (including a 2-0 victory away against Aris!) after failing to win a single match all season long.

We traveled north with a few key players out due to injury. Djebbour, Manduca, Kafes, Araujo, Nemeth (obviously) and Arabatzis were all our for this match. This meant we had to start with Saja, Georgeas, Majstorovic, Geraldo, Karabelas, Jahic, Makos, Scocco, Leonardo, Hersi, and Blanco.

Saja was, thankfully, quite reliable between the posts. The same cannot be said for our defense, unfortunately. We saw a number of weaknesses and had trouble resisting the pressure from Panthrakikos. Luckily for us, Panthrax were nothing special up front and only managed to get one goal.

Makos, I am pleased to say, didn’t play his worst game yet! His performance was certainly nowhere near spectacular but we’ve seen worse…. lets leave it at that. Jahic, who missed a couple of games because of cards, seemed more intent on playing offensively rather than helping out with the defensive duties. Though I didn’t see much of him, except a couple of shots (the guy certainly likes to shoot whenever he gets the chance), many times players like Scocco were forced to come back and help out, possibly where Jahic should have been.

Scocco is…. well, just watch his goal below:

The Argentine can split any defense whenever he wants, simple as that. Though I can never trust a player who may leave at any time, he is an integral part of this team when he wants to be.

Leonardo played a decent game but I personally didn’t see him play as big a role as Scocco. He’s a good player but cannot yet hold on to the ball the way Scocco can.

Hersi played a very good game. Aside from scoring the second goal he was involved constantly with our attacks from the right side.

Blanco had a number of chances and worked well with Scocco today. Shame he didn’t score, but I believe we will start seeing some more goals from him in the upcoming matches.

Generally, we controlled the game, especially the first half (the final ten minutes of the match were tense though). Despite poor pitch conditions, we managed to move the ball around well, runs were timed well, we were creating space. However, when it came time to score it seemed the players decided the effort required would be too much! We had a number of superb chances yet failed to score as many as we should have. Many the players confidence mixed in the knowledge that they were playing the lowest ranked team had an effect psychologically on the players. Hopefully we will see more concentration in front of the goal when we play Aris next weekend.

So, right now we are guaranteed to stay in the top four for at least another week. We currently sit four points ahead of Aris with 36 points (which means if the playoffs were to start now we would have 1 point). Aris still have to play tomorrow so the lead could be cut down to one point by tomorrow evening, though Aris play a tough match against Ergotelis away. Aris’ poor form plus Ergotelis’ incredible win last weekend against Tripolis (a fantastic match that was!) means its quite likely that Aris may leave Crete with one or no points tomorrow.

AEK handball won yet another derby over Veria after last weeks fantastic win against league leaders PAOK. Maybe it can be an even better weekend if AEK’s two game winning streak in Basketball can be extended with an away win against Peristeri tomorrow. Let’s all hope!