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Kalithea 0-2 AEK

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A fairly routine win for AEK against mid-table Kalithea, though an important one none the less as we look to seal as many points for the playoffs as possible. Reviews for the players with Dounis, Chrisantus, Anakoglou, Vouras, and Johansson given particularly high ratings by AEK365, while pretty much our entire defense of Rovas, Kolovetsios, Sarris, and Soleidis gave what were considered to be pretty weak performances.

Our two scorers were Dounis, who opened the scoring in the 30th minute with a well placed shot, and Chrisantus, scoring his first goal for AEK with another well placed shot. VP for the match was once again Johansson, a player who is constantly impressing everyone with how solid he is in the middle of the pitch.

The win, our 21st of the season, as brought us up to 62 points with second place Panachaiki on a relatively low 46. I haven’t seen a playoff table for sure but I believe as Nick mentioned in my previous post, that today’s win got us back the point we had lost from our penalty.

In addition to our football team’s comfortable win, our basketball team had their own win today, one which was both entertaining and impressive. The win, a 93-77 win over fourth placed Aris, extremely important as far as our chances of finishing in the top four are considered, and our performance today certainly showed signs of a team worthy of a top four finish. Our three pointers, as can be seen from the video below, were very accurate today, and it seemed like all players were having a good day.

Today’s win puts us just one point behind Aris, with 35 points. While the top two is certainly out of our reach at the moment, we now also sit only two points behind PAOK, with our rivals from the north currently on 37 points.

Speaking of PAOK, we played them today for the Handball Cup Final, a match-up which we’ve seen before in recent years. Unfortunately we weren’t as lucky as in previous Cup finals as the match, which saw some incidents involving AEK supporters and riot police, ended in a close 29-27 victory for PAOK.


AEK 4-0 Ermionidas

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Apologies for the delay getting this post up.

Our win on Saturday was a comfortable one for AEK, something that was a bit of a relief to hear considering Ermionidas were the first team we didn’t manage to beat in the league.

Our four goals were scored by four different scorers with Anakoglou scoring the first goal followed by Dounis, Aravidis, and D’Acol. It was nice to see Aravidis on the scoresheet (he has scored an impressive 13 goals in 13 games) as well as D’Acol. D’Acol’s game yesterday was his first in months since he was injured, so for him to get a goal on his return can only help boost his confidence.

Aside from scoring four goals during the match, we also dominated possession with 64%, while also being by the far the more active team in front of goal with 24 shots compared to 6 for Ermionidas. Our starting keeper for the match was Ilias Vouras while Anestis was on the bench for the game. I assume this was to give him a rest which makes sense, seeing as I can’t actually remember a game where he wasn’t our starting keeper.

I noticed just now that Soleidis was not featured in our starting 11 or on our bench, which worried me for a second. However, I looked at the squad who will be in OAKA for our game against Olympiakos, and Soleidis is indeed listed. I’ve been quite impressed with him so far this season so its certainly a bit of a relief to know he isn’t injured.

Speaking of our game against Olympiakos, its been announced that there are just about 5,000 tickets left for the match. Regardless of whether or not those remaining tickets all sell (which I believe they will), its guaranteed that the crowd in OAKA come Wednesday is going to be awfully impressive.

AEK 5-1 Kalithea

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AEK kept the momentum gained from the 3-0 win over Atromitos and managed yet another impressive victory. Sounds like a solid display from the team overall, and the impression I get from watching the highlights suggests the same, though without a doubt the key player of this match was Ivan Brecevic. Aside from scoring a hat trick, he played roles in each of our other two goals, and came close to scoring at least one other goal for himself.

In addition to the five goals we managed to score, we missed a handful of other great scoring opportunities, including a missed chance by Mantalos. From what Ive seen, it seems Mantalos had an uncharacteristically quiet match compared to his recent performances, though I dont see any reason to worry yet. He’s been fantastic up until now and I’m sure he’ll be back at it when we play Alimos next Sunday.

Our position at the top of the table is looking a little more comfortable as we now sit 6 points above Panachaiki, though we do have an extra game in hand and so a Panachaiki win in their next game would bring them to within 3 points of us again. Perhaps the pressure might actually be good for the players since the last thing we’d want is to lose points in games we really should win after getting too comfortable.

Highlights of the goals and chances from the match can be watched below. Brecevic’s second goal is well worth the watch, fantastic shot (the other two goals for AEK were scored by Aravidis and Dounis).

AEK 3-0 Atromitos (Continued)

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Before bringing up today’s win against Atromitos, I’d like to take a moment to catch up on some news that I missed from the past few weeks (school getting in the way, the usual…)

Since my last post, we played two additional league games and I’m both happy and relieved to say that the results were far more positive than our 0-0 draw against Ermionida. The first of the two games was a 4-0 win against Fostiras with goals courtesy of Dounis, Mantalos, and Platellas (who scored two that evening). For a while it looked as if the game might have ended up in another 0-0 draw, though finally our first goal did arrive in the 72nd minute.

Our next game was another convincing win, this time a 5-1 win against Iraklis Psachnon. Platellas and Dounis were both scorers again, along with Lambropoulos and Brecevic (who scored two goals for us that game). This game was our last league game for the first half of the season, leaving us top of the table going into the Christmas break. As of right now, we are still first with 28 points, though Panachaiki are only 3 points behind us.

We made a significant singing during the break with our singing of Swedish midfielder Jakob Johansson. I’ve yet to see him play, though reports suggest he’s a fairly promising player who should hopefully add some depth to our roster. Considering we were affected by injuries just before the break, Johansson should certainly be a helpful addition.

And now for today’s game… Well what can I say. As I mentioned in my post a couple months back, I felt we certainly had the potential to win, though I wasn’t quite as confident as I would’ve liked to have been. Atromitos is, afterall, a first division team currently sitting in a respectable position in the league. To add to that, I was sure Atromitos would have enjoyed to chance to get some revenge for their cup final loss to us a few years back. Needless to say, I was not expecting such a comfortable win, but of course Im ecstatic because of it. I know its still early, and I know our chances are slim to none, but it would be amazing seeing us win the Cup as a second division team.

I think this win really proves we’re heading in a good direction with this current squad. Sure we’re a young team, but up until now they’ve proven to be a focused and fairly consistent group of players. Simply looking at our results from the past two months shows that we’re starting to get some things right, and today’s result was, I feel, the ultimate display of how far we’ve come until now.

Its quite exciting really, to have such a promising group of young Greek players. The addition of some experienced Greeks and foreign players will without a doubt put us in a great position for our return to the superleague.

The scorers, as I mentioned in my earlier post, were Aravidis, Lambropoulos, Tzanetopoulos. Mantalos, as described by AEK365, was our “Maestro” today, playing a large role in many of our plays. I know I keep heaping praise on Mantalos, but I cant help but get the feeling he’s gonna be a key player as our team develops. He seems to have a feeling for the game that certain players just seem to have. I remember watching Rivaldo play and even though he was in the later stages of his career, it was clear he understood the game better than most, and always knew what needed to be done, or what his role should be.

Highlights from today’s match can be found below:

One of those Sundays…

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I’ll never forget Sundays like the one that just passed when I lived in Athens. Don’t get me wrong, win or lose there was never any place I’d rather be than watching AEK at OAKA, but when things went as well as they did yesterday, I knew it was gonna be a good week.

Before our game against Apollon Smyrnis even began, the day got off to a great start. Hours before the Apollon game, our basketball team got another good victory, this time against Panionios (while Panionios might not be the greatest team in the league, they are certainly no push overs either). It was nice to get our first win of the season in front of a solid crowd of about 6,000 at the OAKA basketball arena.

Not long after the basketball game was our game against Apollon Smyrnis, also at OAKA. From what I’ve heard and read, our first half performance left much to be desired, resulting in the first half coming to a close with a 1-0 lead for Apollon after a 45th minute penalty.

Thankfully, we turned things around in the second half and came out much stronger, creating a number of good chances, and doing enough to score the two goals needed to grab a victory (the first scored off a nice header by D’Acol, the second a penalty scored by Mantalos).

The critique of the players from AEK365 was generally positive, with Mantalos getting the most praise (he was awarded MVP for the match), specifically for his solid performance and the effort he gave. The only two players who were considered to have given particularly poor performances were Platellas and Dounis.

The crowd for the game against Apollon was said to be over 20,000 (from the videos it certainly looked like there could have been well over 20,000 in Attendance), an impressive number for sure and especially considering the total attendance for all Superleague matches a few weeks ago was under 20,000. The atmosphere at both the basketball game as well as the football game were said to be excellent, and as Barbosa said, “Its great to play for this crowd”. Thats the thing with AEK supporters really… 1st, 2nd, or 3rd division, it doesn’t matter. If the players are gonna give their all for the team, the supporters will be there too.

For highlights, check out the video below:

What I would give to have been in Athens for a day like yesterday…