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AEK Set To Face CSKA

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The day many of us have been awaiting patiently (more likely rather impatiently) has finally arrived. In less than 24 hours from the publishing of this post, AEK will have finally played a Champions League game, the first in essentially a decade.

Our opponent for this 3rd qualifying round match is the Moscow based club CSKA. Most sources are understandably listing CSKA as the favourites, not least because their season has already been underway. AEK, on the other hand, have yet to play a competitive match with many of our new singings but that doesn’t worry me all that much. We’re expected to have a good crowd supporting the team in OAKA as ticket sales have been pretty steady over the past week and the team will definitely have enough motivation to put in a good performance. In fact I’ve just read that 15,000 tickets have been sold, plus the approximately 7,000 season tickets. That puts us at a crowd of around 21,000 though that will surely increase more throughout the day tomorrow.

AEK365 is reporting that Anestis will get the start in nets after Barkas sustained a rather serious injury that could see him sidelined for up to three months. In front of Anestis we can expect to see Bakakis, Chygrynskiy, Vranjes, and Lopes. Simoes will likely be paired with either Johansson or Galanopoulos with Livaja a little further up the pitch. Completing our attack will be Mantalos and Lazaros with Klonaridis expected to be up front if he is match fit.

Its not a bad lineup with some pretty good Greek representation. Its reassuring to see that Jimenez isn’t afraid to play Greeks when they deserve the spot since those are more often than not the players that the club will be built around.

Tomorrow’s match will take place at 8:30 PM Athens time which is 1:30 PM New York time or 3:30 AM Sydney time (on the 26th of July). I can’t really say what to expect from CSKA as I’m not at all familiar with the club, but they did just come off a 3-1 loss in the league against Lokomotiv Moscow. Having said that, they’re still undoubtedly a strong side but a positive result for AEK in Athens is more than possible. Its supposed to be a warm afternoon in Athens with a high of 32°C which could play in our favour as Moscow seems to be averaging mid to high 20s around this time of year. 

I’m not certain which kits we’ll be wearing but they’ll definitely be different than last season’s kits as new kits were released earlier in July. The First kit is similar to last year’s striped one, but with a slightly different style. Its not radically different but I still quite like it:

Its also possible we could wear our Third kit, one which I must say is quite gorgeous. I’m not convinced that it works as a jersey really simply because the details get lost when watching in the stands or on TV and it ends up looking like a plain black training kit. As something that I would want to purchase and wear myself though, it is stunning. Maybe a little more yellow around the edge of the Dikefalo would have helped make everything stand out a little more though:

Its an exciting day tomorrow and while I’m disappointed that I’ll have to be at work, I’ll definitely try to follow it as much as possible. Fingers crossed one of the Greek TV channels I have on TV will also be showing it so I can watch it after work. Either way theres a lot to look forward to and if we can come away with a positive result tomorrow, anything will be possible. Forza AEKara!


88 Years

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Its been months since Ive posted, many, many months. To be honest, because of having to work, and for other reasons, I havent been able to watch too many games lately. And Ive been far too upset with the current state of the team to follow it too much.

Its not that Ive given up on AEK, or ever will. And I certainly havent stopped supporting the club… but when I compare what we are now as a club compared to three seasons ago, four seasons ago, even ten or twenty seasons ago, it becomes quite depressing. And Ive given up following the press and what they have to say regarding our financial situation..

But with summer coming up soon and exams almost over (I have exactly a week from today ’till my last exam for this semester), I’ll still try to get some posts up. I remember how much this blog helped me back in the day when AEKBaltimore was running it, and how it was a place where I could discuss this club I love so much with other English speakers, so I hope it become that again eventually.

Now, the reason I decided to post today was the fact that, on this day 88 years ago, was born. Yep, 88 years old. Our club has seen a lot in those 88 years… many championships and cups, exciting games in Europe against some of the continent’s biggest clubs, legendary players, successful basketball teams (and our volleyball and handball teams have been doing great lately), we saw our team play a friendly in Belgrade while the city was being bombed to show our solidarity and opposition to the war. We’ve seen so many historic times throughout our club’s existence, and the club’s origins alone were such an important part in the history of modern Greece. 

Bearing all this in mind, its such a shame to see the club in the state that its in right now, and we can only hope things will get better. Those who left their homes in Asia Minor, who were forced to start new lives as refugees in cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as all over the country deserve better, as this club honours and represents those refugees who lived much harder lives than many of us. The players who played for the club because they loved it deserve better, the fans who have gone to every game for years deserve better, and hopefully we will all see better times eventually.

Happy Birthday AEK!

AEK 4-0 Larissa

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Lovely 4-0 score, Blanco (twice), Libe, and DELLAS all on the scoreboard, such a great site to see! Blanco’s form has been incredible lately and now that Zorro is back it feels like a day hasn’t passed since three years ago.

Unfortunately, we still sit a fair bit back from the top. However, what is important is that we took care of getting a positive result against a team who has always been a bit of a struggle for us. We didn’t play the best football we’ve seen all season long, but we turned things on when we needed to, took advantage of having an extra player, and made sure didn’t slip points like we did last week.

Arabatzis started in net and did well. He’s been looking quite solid in the air lately, rarely fails when he commits to the ball and I can’t complain with him at all. We needed him to be in top form seeing as Larissa came to the game with the intention of picking up some points. They created a number of decent chances, particularly in the first, which fortunately for us resulted in nothing.

I’m going to hold back on commenting much on individual players since my stream wasn’t the greatest, but I did notice a huge improvement in our play when Lagos and Kafes came on in exchange for Leonardo and Scocco. Scocco was busy upfront from what I saw, though the addition of Kafes and Lagos to the match seemed to improve our attack as a whole. Leonardo created little from what I saw, but I did miss alot so I don’t want to be too hard on the guy.

The referee was horrendous today, to the point where I was starting to feel quite outraged (well, not quite but I was certainly irritated). I can only imagine what everyone in the stadium was feeling. Unfortunately, only around 6,000 showed up for the match however as it was a very cold weekend in Athens (from the pictures I saw it looks like they received a decent amount of snow for so early in December). Hopefully we’ll see a better attendance figure at the match with Zenit, despite the late start time of 10:00 at night (well done UEFA, well done).

Also, it’s worth noting that Jimenez was kicked out of the match today and forced to watch much of it from the stands. He was off when the substitutions were made however it looked like he was still contacting his assistants on the pitch.

So, a decent performance, yet a fantastic result. Hopefully this gives us a confidence boost ahead of our critical match with Zenit!

As always, leave comments below. I would appreciate any as it is hard to watch these matches with such poor streams available!

AEK to play Vaslui for Europa League Qualifiers

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So, were going to be heading to Romania on the 20th of August to play Vaslui. We will play them again on the 27th of August, this time in Athens.

A pretty good draw for us. We could have gotten Red Star from Serbia, who I believe could have caused us some trouble, but Im somewhat confident now that we will get through to the group stages.

We must, however, bear in mind that Vaslui eliminated Omonia the previous round, the Omonia team that eliminated us last year from the UEFA Cup. Hopefully, with a coach that has much more european experience this time around though, we should go through.

Tomorrow evening, we will be playing Boca Juniors, where our newest singing, Leonardo, will be presented to the AEK fans at OAKA. Now, hopefully we can sign the South African right back that we are said to be interested in. This will definately be a huge boost for the team as right back has been one of our weaker points in previous years.


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The squad has been anounced for tomorrow’s game.

As I was hoping earlier last week, Kyrgiakos will not play at this game. Neither will Alexopoulos due to being suspended (along with Scocco and Pelletieri). Since Juanfran is injured, and neither Alexopoulos or Kyrgiakos will be playing it is possible that we might see N’Siambamfumu, our recently aquired French centre back, play! This will be a good game to test him out since we cannot loose or gain a position in the standings.

The squad will be Saja, Arambatzis, Kafes, Geraldo, Majstorovic, Nsaliwa, Edinho, Manduca, N’Siambamfumu, Koutromanos, Pliatsikas, Blanco, Burns, Georgeas, Tachtsidis, Hetemaj, El Hadji Diouf, Pavlis, and Gentsoglou.

It is quite likely that we will see many of the younger players play including Pavlis.