About AEK Athens and This Blog

AEK Athens FC is an association football (soccer) team based in Athens, Greece.  The club was founded in 1924 by refugess from Constantinope, but today the team draws a vast and diverse fan base from all walks of life both inside Greece and from the Diaspora.  I started this blog because there are no reliable english-language blogs devoted exclusively to providing news and analysis of AEK to fans in the United States (and other English speaking countries for that matter).  Please feel free to join in the discussions by leaving comments, but keep it respectful and don’t disparage other teams. Cheers.


2 Responses to “About AEK Athens and This Blog”

  1. Hi
    Visiting Athens from Canada, and want to see a game (tomorrow). Any advice? Can I just arrive at the stadium and get tickets the day of?

    • Hi Andy! Great to see another AEK supporter from Canada. So last time I was in Athens, there was a ticket booth right as you exit the Eirini metro station before the entrance of OAKA. I’m pretty sure its still there, you should be able to go right up to the booth and purchase however many tickets you need.

      I would suggest bring some ID, even a passport if you can, to show that you live outside the country. The government has been implementing some sort of Fan ID Card, but I think as long as you show them you aren’t a resident of the country, they shouln’t have a hard time giving you a ticket.

      Just something to consider, the Originals are in gates 35 and 1 in the curve underneath the large screens. Just so you know and get tickets accordingly whether you want to be near them or not. Always a fun experience and there shouldn’t be trouble since its not a derby. Don’t hesitate to ask any other questions you might have, and enjoy the game if you go. Very jealous!

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