AEK 0-1 Olympiakos

The other day, Fourtounis made a comment claiming that on Wednesday (today), Olympiakos would “show which team is the best”. Now I’m kind of confused about this because surely, “the best” team would be the team that made it to the Cup Final? But in this case, Olympiakos didn’t in fact make it to the Final, so how can they be the best? Maybe Fourtounis was stuck in a little day dream where he imagined himself in a black and yellow jersey, celebrating in front of 50,000 supporters as he and his team booked their place in the finals:

All kidding aside, it has to be said that today’s performance wasn’t the greatest. We definitely created some chances but we left a lot to be desired and its really only thanks to Olympiakos’ inability to create anything worthwhile that we got away with the result we were looking for. Its unfortunate really since I was really expecting a win. Maybe not a blowout, but I was anticipating a 1-0 game for us, just something to really seal the deal without causing too much trouble.

But hey, why focus on the negatives you might ask? I don’t really plan on it, we just booked our ticket to the 23rd Cup final in AEK’s history so I really don’t have much to complain about. Having said that, we’ll definitely need to look better in the Final regardless of whether we play Panathinaikos or PAOK. At the end of the day though, its a Cup final and just being a part of it will give our players the energy and drive to give the best that they have to offer.

There were some interesting points to take from the match that deserve some attention, the first of which regards Vranjes. I love the guy and his passion, he clearly relishes the opportunity to play for AEK and even more so when a big game comes around. Having said that, he’ll have to be careful when the final comes around. He was close to getting sent off today and it took the intervention of his own teammates to make sure he didn’t go off the rails.

Its also worth noting the Anestis, who actually had a pretty solid game, got sent off in extra time. To be honest, he was quite clearly wasting time so I feel like the ref wasn’t left with much choice. What was particularly amusing about this situation was the fact that we had no remaining substitutions at that point which resulted in Almeida playing goal for the remaining few minutes. Luckily, he wasn’t really tested.

As is typical with games involving Olympiakos (particularly games in which the result doesn’t go Olympiakos’ way), a number of the higher profile members of the organization had some comments to make about what took place. In classic Savvas fashion, he came out with some very valid points about the officiating today, claiming that it was 80-20 in favour of AEK. I think he has a point, after all how can this reckless tackle on Ansarifard not be called as a penalty for Olympiakos:

Part of me wishes that Savvas never opens his mouth again but then the other part of me will miss his weekly comedy routine. 80-20 in favour of AEK, while giving five minutes of extra time and then another five minutes on top of that, and a red card to AEK’s keeper… I’ve doubted it for a while but now I really can’t believe that Savvas and his crew over at Olympiakos are actually serious.

Enough about them though, how about our supporters and the atmosphere they created in OAKA this evening? The scenes from the game earlier today really make me miss Athens… Definitely my favourite banner this season:

The photos below come from AEK365 and can be seen here as well:

Beautiful scenes as always. And now, the final! At the moment its scheduled for May 6th, but we won’t know until tomorrow whether we will face Panathinaikos or PAOK. To be honest, I don’t see PAOK turning around their two goal deficit to Panathinaikos, but it can definitely happen.



23 Responses to “AEK 0-1 Olympiakos”

  1. Hello everybody,
    We booked for may 6 some flights already to Athens. Does anybody know where the final will be?
    Thanks in forward!

    • Very jealous, enjoy the trip! If it was an AEK-Panathinaikos final, it would most likely have been OAKA but now that PAOK just clinched the second spot, they aren’t sure. PAOK doesnt want the final in OAKA. They were saying maybe Crete but that doesn’t look likely. If I hear anything at all though I’ll be sure to let you know.

  2. For sure, that would be amazing. I was in the stadium for the final when we beat Atromitos in 2011, I’ll never forget it. I hope you manage to get to the game. Like I said first news I hear Ill try to pass it your way.

    • Thank you!

      • Hey. So now its looking like (but not guaranteed) that the final will be in the Volos olympic stadium. Crete and Larissa are also options but I saw that Volos is the favoured location. Will let you know once its finalised.

  3. Hi, looks like its official. The game will be happening at Panthessaliko Stadium from what I’ve been reading.

  4. gtmanleg Says:

    Hate losing the second leg, but love advancing, so finals here we come!

  5. Can someone help, I’m trying to figure out what Jersey’s the teams will be wearing on match day? Plz let me know
    It’s for my preview on blogger Tx 😎✌️

    • alexaek Says:

      Hi there. Hard to say for sure. PAOK are considered home I think so going by the last time PAOK and AEK played with PAOK as home, PAOK wore the white/black striped kit while AEK wore the pink one. To be honest though I don’t think they’ll go for that for the final. To be honest I feel like we’ll end up seeing the kits worn when we played in Athens, with AEK wearing the Yellow/black striped kit with PAOK wearing their white kit.

  6. thanks alex, if you find out please post it here 🙂
    for now ill use the following kit colours:
    white/black vs pink
    white vs yellow/black
    reason why i need exact because i use the team colour kits to predict outcome of games- using astrology chart, so jersey colours need to be exact. btw ill share with you my prediction 😉

    • alexaek Says:

      Neat! Okay, I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything soon confirming the kits one way or another. I look forward to your predictions!

  7. Wtf I read the game is postponed?

  8. Is the game postponed?

    • alexaek Says:

      They were saying there was a possibility of that, but I just read that it will be going ahead as planned. Thankfully! Would have been a joke if they cancelled it.

  9. The PAOK forums suggest they will wear Black and white.

    So AEK likely to wear pink ?
    Why don’t they wear black & gold ?

    • alexaek Says:

      Hi. I’m not entirely sure to be honest, I wonder if it has something to do with there being too much black considering both kits would have black shorts, and we would have black on our tops with some of the black on their tops. I’ll check around some sites and see if theres any mention. I can also keep an eye on some of the social media pages for the team and players, I know they sometimes post pictures of the kits leading up to the games.

    • alexaek Says:

      So it looks like AEK will be wearing the yellow and black striped kit. Still have to confirm what paok will wear

      • alexaek Says:

        And I just read that paok will wear white, but I’m not 100% certain on that

  10. Thanks for the info Alex.
    It seems PAOK has stronger signs to win but please bet with caution as nothing is for certain. Enjoy the game and the atmosphere. My only bet will be PAOK to lift the cup. 😎

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