Iraklis 2-2 AEK

Important points dropped in Thessaloniki

Well, the good news is that we remain unbeaten under Jimenez. Bad news, though, is that we desperately needed all three points from yesterday’s game. Unfortunately, we only came away with one which keeps us three points away from a playoff spot.

Possibly the worst part about the result yesterday would have to be the fact that we could have come away with a win had our goaltending been tighter. The first goal was a tough one, and I could see any keeper missing that from time to time. The second goal for Iraklis though should never have happened and with some more careful goaltending Iraklis never even would have had a chance on the play. I find it even more frustrating that Barkas would commit such an awful mistake after almost conceeding on an earlier mistake.

The way I look at all this though is that I’d rather see it happen against Iraklis than against Olympiakos this weekend. Hopefully Barkas would have learned some valuable lessons from yesterday, as I’m sure he will, so that we have every chance we can of getting a good result on sunday.



5 Responses to “Iraklis 2-2 AEK”

  1. Unbelievable!!

  2. Barkas never learns, he is just a bloody malaka. I prefer a keeper that is never that good and never that bad than a malaka like him alternating great performances with so lousy ones. I’ve never seen in 30 years following football so many unbelievable mistakes in one only season. Remember Atromitos? He is a shithead. Now that we fixed the trainer spot, we need to fix the keeper spot…until then we cannot compete with this spastic as a goaltender, a goal maker actually

  3. Huge win today! We are trending upwards!

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