What A Day For AEK

Ketsbaia Out… Jose Morais In

The day after a much needed win that kept the team within reach of first place, we have parted ways with Ketsbaia. I think everyone knew he wouldn’t last a whole season, but I was surprised to see it happen today, and with such little heads up.

What was even more surprising was how quickly replaced. The timing makes me wonder whether this was planned for a while now which would explain it happening even after the win. Just a few hours after the announcements came saying that Ketsbaia was no longer with the team, Jose Morais was in town to sign his contract which would keep him with AEK at least until the end of the season.

So, who is Jose Marais afterall? I had never really heard the name before and the fact that he has had very little experience as a main coach would explain it. Thats not to say that he doesn’t have any experience at all though. He was assistant coach to Mourinho for five years between 2009 and 2014 joining the more well known Jose at Inter, Madrid, and Chelsea.

Far too early to say how this will turn out, but I’m not as upset as others online seem to be. Sure he isn’t exactly a big name, but could we really expect to get a decent name to come to Greece, while the season has already started? I’d rather we get someone quick so we can get on with it and try to get back on track before its too late.

Promising Display From AEK in First European Basketball Game of Season

A very impressive start to AEK’s European campaign today with the team never giving Hungary’s Szolnoki a chance. The final score of 92-49 did the team’s relentless performance justice as we continue to see promise from the squad. A very well rounded performance too with a number of players managing to get a few points to their name.


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