AEK 3-0 MKP Pogon (Plus the Europa League draw)

We played our final pre-season friendly in Poland against 2nd division side MKP Pogon. First half didn’t show all that much life though it sounded like we at least created a few more chances than we did in the previous game. Second half of the game however saw a much improved AEK that was eager to attack and it paid off when we scored three goals. Platellas scored the first, Bakakis (his first goal with AEK) the second, and an own goal for the third.

Since the game yesterday the team has returned to Athens for a short break before they get back to work. They’ll certainly need to work hard after learning that our first opponent for Europa League will be Saint Etienne. Of all the teams that we could have been drawn against, Saint Etienne were one of the teams I was really hoping we would avoid.

I’ve been browsing some Saint Etienne forums and their supporters seem as worried about playing AEK as I am about us playing them which I was surprised to see. It won’t be easy at all, I can say that much. But I also feel that its definitely not impossible. We seem to have a decent defense so far so if we can hold off for a draw in France, we could definitely sneak a win in Athens and progression to the next round.

Something that gives me hope is the fact that Marseille is relatively close to Saint Etienne. I’m definitely expecting some Marseille supporters to lend a hand in the stands with our own supporters.


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