Catching Up…

I was away from my computer for a good week or so last week so I haven’t really had the chance to post anything. But, I’m finally back and have a bit of catching up to do, so I’ll start with the older news first and make my way to today.

First thing that I should mention is that we officially signed Bakasetas, on his birthday of all days. Really good move for us in my opinion, he is coming off of a great season and has said numerous times that he has loved AEK since he was a child. Hopefully form and passion for the team combine into something really special this season but only time will tell whether he’ll end up being a star for us or just another hyped up Greek attacker who ultimately did very little. I’m feeling like we’re a little overdue for a good Greek attacker, someone who can make all the difference for us, and I have a feeling Bakasetas can be the guy for the job.

Pretty much right after we signed Bakasetas, the team left for the pre-season training camp in Poland. I’ve been watching some videos from the drills the team has been running through and we look pretty good, though running through drills in a practice session is obviously a different story from how we’ll actually be able to apply it all in a game. Which brings me to the next piece of news that I wanted to mention: our friendly today against Banik Ostrava. We won the game 1-0 and while the score may not seem all that impressive, the commentator I was following was more than impressed with how well AEK was pressuring throughout the pitch. Our only goal of the game came from Labropoulos of all people, but Aravidis, Mantalos, and Vargas all had chances to score as well.

All of our three singings so far featured for a half today. Chygrynskiy seemed to be fairly impressive but it didn’t seem like Barkas and Bakasetas had the chance to make much of an impression since they never really managed to get involved all that much. All in all it seems like there were some promising things to take from the game but I’ll be curious to see how we play a few games from now when the team has finally had the chance to gel. Afterall there is only so much we can take from these games since it seems like we still intend to sign at least another three players (I would hope so).



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