Temuri Ketsbaia Announced as Manager

Ketsbaia, the Georgian manager and ex-player who played for AEK between 1994 and 1997, has been announced as our new manager. He signed a contract for two years and while I didn’t see this coming, I can’t say I’m disappointed. I had high hopes for Montanier, but I’m probably even more excited now that Ketsbaia will be leading the team.

As a player he was certainly very fondly remembered by AEK supporters. He played for us during a period when we had some very strong teams but he still stands out as one of our strongest foreign players on th 90’s. With the time he spent not only at AEK but also at Anorthosis as both player and manager, he has without a doubt had the chance to understand what exactly AEK and Greek football is all about, something which I consider a huge advantage over another foreign coach who may have had little exposure to the sport in Greece.

Its still far too early to see how he’ll do, especially not without first getting an idea of the kind of players we’ll be singing this summer, but I have some pretty high expectations. I was in Greece for quite a bit of the time when he was manager of Anorthosis and I still remember to this day some of the big games they had in Europe. Taking a Cypriot team to the Champions League group stages is impressive enough, but some of the results on top of that were almost equally impressive.

Only time will tell if Ketsbaia will be succesful with us but I genuinely believe he as good an option as anyone for the position. With the right players he can get some good results for us but considering this is AEK, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him leave the team before the seasons even finishes. But hey, until I have reason to believe otherwise, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic about it all. Welcome Temuri!


2 Responses to “Temuri Ketsbaia Announced as Manager”

  1. Andy Vaghenas Says:

    Ine trelos o karaflos! Here in the UK they remember his celebration after scoring for Newcastle, the guy certainly has pathos;-) I’m hoping he’s got something to prove after been sacked by Oly, no fault of his own, down to their coblexiki supporters. Their loss, our gain. Notice I waited till he signed to comment, didn’t want to hex this one!

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    LOL, i am looking forward to our game against the gavroi!!

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