AEKArchives Back On Twitter

A few years ago, one of our posters here at AEKArchives set up a Twitter page for the blog. I thought it was a great idea, but it never picked up too much steam and it stopped being used for a while. Well, I’ve decided to try to bring it back up again since its a good way to post quick news updates or game updates without clogging the blog.

For anyone who would like to check out or follow the page if you have twitter, we can be found here:

Feel free to check us out even if you don’t have a twitter account yourself.


2 Responses to “AEKArchives Back On Twitter”

  1. Rodney Ulyate Says:

    Ever thought about doing an AEK podcast? I’d be a very keen subscriber. Here’s hoping for the best this evening.

    • alexaek Says:

      Hi Rodney, I actually have quite a few times. Nice to know theres interest. Hm, I’ll look into it, shouldn’t be too hard to get going really.

      Hoping for the best too. A win today would be a fantastic way to start off the playoffs.

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