Cup Is Canceled… Again

So it looks like the Cup has been canceled for the second time this season. Really never expected something like this to happen, to have a Cup final canceled twice in season, but I guess its not that surprising at all given the way things are run in Greece at the moment.

The official reason for the cancellation was that the police were concerned about safety, even though the only people in the stadium would have been the players and the 300 or so friends and family members of the players. Does that sound like much of a threat to you? I didn’t think so. The police did also mention that there was a general strike in Athens and all their resources were being used up as the article below mentions. But even so, is it really not possible to gather up enough police for a game being played behind closed doors?

I guess they’re also worried about the potential for clashes between supporters after the game, especially considering people would have only been more roused up by the accusatory statements put out by both clubs recently, but that seems like an awfully desperate and unconvincing reason for canceling the game.

It doesn’t seem like the issues regarding the assistant refs was worked out at all, so maybe the police excuse was a way for Kontonis to get some cover? I obviously have no idea who was behind what, but in the end I maybe this will work out for the better. I mean, even if we had won, how can a cup final without supporters in the stands ever go down well in history? It would have been an embarrassment to future generations who would have watched the highlights of the game, just as I have with highlights from previous cup finals. Some of the best moments for me were watching the team lift the Cup in 2011 in front of a sea of yellow jerseys. I couldn’t imagine watching the team parade the trophy around an empty OAKA…

Greek Cup final postponed at request of police

In other AEK news, we played our second playoff game against Olympiakos and while we still didn’t manage a win, we at least managed to keep the game considerably closer than the last time around. We managed to get a decent run going in the fourth quarter and I even thought we might have had a chance of mounting a memorable come back but simply wasn’t enough in the end as the game ended 80-67.

Despite the improved performance, it wasn’t all good news. I’m not sure what happened, or what caused it, but Zdovc and Green had a bit of a “argument” so to speak, one which seems to have led to the end of Green’s time with AEK. AEK seems to place the blame on Green but I’m not convinced. I haven’t been too pleased with how Zdovc acts during games sometimes, its certainly not conducive to creating an environment where the players want to interact in any sort of positive way with the coach and some of the comments he has made in the past have suggested that he doesn’t really trust his players. I can’t speak for them, but I imagine it doesn’t inspire them all that much and I wouldn’t be surprised if thats part of the reason we’ve seen so many ups and downs with this team so far.

Thats all for now from me. Of course I’ll post some news as soon as I can if I hear anything else about a new date for the final but I’m really not holding my breath at this point. Theres also talk of the playoffs being canceled (which would result in Panathinaikos finishing 2nd automatically), but I don’t think there has been anything official regarding that yet.


11 Responses to “Cup Is Canceled… Again”

  1. gtmanleg Says:

    Why would the playoffs being canceled give PAO the second place finish? Don’t we get it since we finished second (first in the playoff)?

    • alexaek Says:

      We should have, but because we got the three points deducted following the fights at the Atromitos game, we ended up one point below PAO. Unfortunately…

  2. gtmanleg Says:

    Arrgh! That is awful.

  3. boca juniors Says:

    pls, i send emails to you and is very important that you read them

  4. boca juniors Says:

    i send 3 emails to you but outlook failed yo send the last 2
    i can sign in yahoo if you want, but insist that read the only that send correctly

    • alexaek Says:

      Hello. Strange, I don’t see any of the emails. Could you try sending again, or maybe from yahoo?

      • boca juniors Says:

        first of all, is true that aek is negotiating with apoyamΠapena (arruabarrena) for coach? this is the cuestion

    • alexaek Says:

      Hi. From what I read, there was a meeting, not sure how much was said. I know he is an option for AEK. However I also read today that he attended a practise of another team, I think Lanus, so maybe he is also in talks with other teams.

  5. boca juniors Says:

    no, lanus have jorge almiron and is close to the final of our tournament

    i want to warn your about him, because he is a absolutly parasite
    please, notice here if the option of arruabarrena takes weight

    dont left with the memories of arruabarrena as a player

  6. boca juniors Says:

    and would you do me a favor? please, in next reply can you tell me about this others teams,? neither aek nor no other team deserves arruabarrena as coach

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