Playoff Schedule Announced

So the draw for the playoffs took place today and overall I can’t complain all that much. Take a look below to see who we’ll be playing and when. Its worth noting that our first game against PAOK in Toumba will be played without fans.

1st Matchday (May 11th): PAOK – AEK, Toumba, Thessaloniki

2nd Matchday (May 15th): Panionios – AEK, Nea Smyrni, Athens

3rd Matchday (May 18th): Panathinaikos – AEK, Leoforos, Athens

4th Matchday (May 22nd): AEK – Panathinaikos, OAKA, Athens

5th Matchday (May 25th): AEK – PAOK, OAKA, Athens

6th Matchday (May 29th): AEK – Panionios, OAKA, Athens

Its a bit strange that all of our first three games are away but the way I see it is, if we can come out strong and get some results in the first three matches, then we have a good chance of finishing the playoffs in a good way. We seemed to have some luck with derbies at home this season so theres no reason for us to not be able to get all nine points from the last three games at least.



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