Final-4 Bound!

Almost 24 hours after we qualified for the Football Cup final, our Basketball team did what we haven’t been able to do for eleven years: make it to the league semi-finals. It certainly won’t be easy from here on since we face Olympiakos in the next round (and then either Panathinaikos or Aris in the finals if we make it that far), but theres no reason we can’t make it to the finals. Sure, Olympiakos are undoubtedly favorites and have the stronger squad by far, but we held up fairly well when we played them in SEF and even came close to beating them at OAKA. If we play smart and focused offense and defense we stand a chance of keeping up to them, but thats a big if to say the least.

We have been anything but consistent this season and even during today’s game we saw just how inconsistent we can be. We would go a few minutes with some solid offense and then go a good five minutes struggling to get anything in. We have the players to score well, players like Mavrokefalidis and Carter when they’re having a good game but these players are capable of being so sloppy at times that it becomes frustrating to watch. Obviously its unfair to expect solid performances from everyone during every game. People have good days, and they have bad days and this is to be expected. But with this team, a team that is capable of so much when things are going well, it would really be a shame if we don’t at least put in a strong performance during the games against Olympiakos. I know our chances of going through are slim, but one win just to at least prove we can do it would be a great thing to see.

It was to see the reactions on the faces of some of the refugees who were invited to watch the game. I know life for them isn’t easy, certainly not in Greece or wherever else they may end up, but hopefully the couple of hours they spent in OAKA today provided at least some sort of distraction to what they have to experience everyday. From some of the pictures I’ve seen, it certainly seemed like some of them were having a good time.

Highlights from today’s game:


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