PAOK 59-68 AEK

After a huge win in Thessaloniki, we have some how managed to find away to stay alive for another game. Last week’s loss in the first match of our playoff games against PAOK saw us lose as a result of us giving up a significant lead and letting PAOK back into the game. The result last week meant it was do or die for us in Thessaloniki, a prospect that no team would ever like to come up against.

To be honest, part of me was certain we would find a way to make force out the third game. Obviously no team would like to face PAOK in Thessaloniki, particularly not with so much pressure on, but when we’re playing the basketball that I know we’re capable of, with an effective offense and solid defending, we are equal to, if not better, than PAOK. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that far too often this season we’ve given teams like PAOK too much breathing space, letting them have their way offensively while we somehow manage to find a way to miss every shot. That simply wasn’t the case today. We had a plan and the players managed to stick to it. Thats not to say the game was a walk in the park, but it goes to show that when the¬†majority of the team is having a good game and not just one or two players, we know how to get the job done.

Mavrokefalidis, Brown, and Mavroeidis all had good games but the star of the match was Milosevic with seventeen points and ten rebounds. If we can get the same performances from the same three players, as well as a bit more from players like Kalabokis, Green, and Carter, then there is no reason at all we can’t get past PAOK in the third game back in Athens. The team has put out a call once again for supporters to come out for the game, arguably our most important of the season, and I hope they respond.

For highlights from today’s game, check out the link here.


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