Unfortunate Results for AEK

The weekend seemed to be getting off to a good start after environment minister Panos Skourletis signed an agreement for the stadium in Nea Filadelfia, an agreement which was until now a big piece of the puzzle that we desperately needed. From then on though, it was mostly down hill for AEK…

Allow me to start with our 0-0 away draw against Kalloni. I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the game and from what I read I didn’t exactly miss too much. Having watched the highlights, it did seem like we had a couple decent chances, but the fact that we’re having such a hard time scoring against weaker opposition is very worrying.

The team got an amazing reception at the airport when they arrived on Mitilini, one of the many eastern Aegean islands where support for AEK is very strong. I, along with undoubtedly many other fans, thought the reception from would have provided a boost to our squad but it seems like it still wasn’t enough. With yesterday’s draw, it has now been almost two and a half months since we’ve gotten an away win in the league. Disappointing to say the least, and something which has cost us far too many valuable points.


To make matters worse for, we finally received our punishment from the fan trouble that happened when we played Atromitos in Peristeri. Some might think we got off lightly, but at this point any point deduction hurts, and the fact that we did in fact get three points knocked off means we are now level with PAO for the league, as well as for the playoffs. We play Panionios at home (the same Panionios that beat PAOK 3-1 over the weekend), and PAO play Tripolis away, so its still very possible that one of us could drop some points over the weekend.

Highlights from our game against Kalloni. Worth noting that we could have had a penalty awarded in our favour, and Buonanotte hit the post. Djebbour’s missed chance in the first minute was also quite ridiculous.


Our basketball team had a big match today, playing PAO away. I didn’t expect us to cause PAO much trouble, and when the first half ended with us losing pretty desperately, I firgured it was game over. Surprisingly, the team managed quite the come back, even managing to go in the lead by up six points at times if I remember correctly. Of course, as has been the case for almost every derby we’ve played aside from our win against PAOK early in the season, we gave up what could have been a big win as a result of a number of unnecessary errors whether they be easy missed points or uncalled for fouls. I read that the ref was pretty terrible towards the end of the match but I won’t even consider that to be part of the problem. At this point, we’ve seen this same thing happen every time to the point where its clearly an issue with our squad. Until we can comfortably close out games that we can win, we have nobody else to blame.

Malik Herston picked up an injury towards the end of the game, an injury which commentators were saying looked serious. There was talk of him possibly even missing the playoffs, but in the end the x-rays confirmed he’ll only be out for about fifteen days. Not the news I really wanted to hear, but if he’ll be back for the playoffs, I think we can consider ourselves lucky.

Highlights from the basketball game:




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