Iraklis 1-1 AEK Match Report

I finally have some time to sit down and write up a report on the rather dull game we had yesterday. As I mentioned in my brief post from yesterday, much of the pitch was flooded from heavy rains in Thessaloniki which continued through the match. As can be expected the game was unable to get into any sort of a rhythm pretty much from kickoff, with players being forced to pretty much lift the ball forward any time they wanted to attempt a run. Also to be expected was the fact that most chances would be coming from set plays, of which there were many though few ever ended up looking dangerous.

I found it funny that after the game, players from both teams were saying their team deserved the win though with conditions the way they were and no team really managing to exert any control over the game, I felt as though a draw was always going to be a fair result. We had a couple of half-chances but I actually feel as though Iraklis came closer to taking the win if anything. They forced a great save from Baroja while the match was still level at 0-0 and had an amazing opportunity missed right in front of the net very late in the game.

Its hard to really comment on how individual players performed since there was no way for them to really play the way they would have normally. All things considered, we did alright since from games like this its mostly a matter of defending and forcing the ball upfield until a foul or corner is called. I do feel though that its worth pointing out that for the second game in a row, Arzo actually wasn’t too bad. Some of his clearances scared me at times but aside from that he actually seemed to be doing what was needed of him. With a big game coming up next week against PAO, now would be a great time for him to either continue his good form or lift his game even more.

Baroja also had a good game for the most part though he certainly could have done better on the goal we conceded. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since games like this, with mud all over the place and balls that are hard to grab on to, it was always a possibility that one would slip by. Aside from the goal he did well to make a big save earlier on and managed to handle everything that was thrown at him. Pekhart also deserves credit for scoring on his first start for AEK, especially since his header was very well taken. Its still early but if he manages to get into some type of rhythm scoring goals like that, I can see him becoming a very important player. We haven’t really seen yet what he has to offer in terms of runs or shots, but if he can make his presence felt in the box like he did yesterday, then I really look forward to seeing what he can offer once hes spent some more time with the team.

While its unfortunate we didn’t come away with the win, we did manage to get off lightly as Panathinaikos dropped points at home to PAOK earlier today. They were up 2-0 at one point but PAOK managed to come back and level the score at 2-2. The result keeps us four points ahead of PAO and with their form being so poor so far and our home form for derbies in 2016 being pretty consistent, I’m confident we’ll be able to get the win and open up the gap even more.


In other AEK news, our basketball team won a close game against a resilient Kifissia, almost undoing all the hard work we did in the third period to go so far ahead in the score. In the end, we did enough to hold onto the win with a final score of 76-73. It was a crucial win since it keeps us ahead of Aris by one point going into our game with them next weekend. We tend to struggle with Aris lately and they have a phenomenal record at home, but I know we have a team that is capable of beating them. Whether we can beat them or not really depends on how we play since we have been rather inconsistent this season but I’m really hoping we manage to sneak away what could possibly be our biggest win of the season to hold onto third place and even widen the gap a little.


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  1. Richard Pasquale Jia Jia Says:

    I completely agree! Well said re malaka.

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