AEK Announce Singings of Zuculini and Pekhart

Two singings were announced by AEK today on the final day of the transfer period, midfielder Bruno Zuculini and forward Tomas Pekhart.

I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t end up going for a centre back, but both Zuculini and Pekhart seem like two promising players who can certainly help us. Zuculini, a 22 year old Argentinian who we got on loan from Manchester City, will help boost our already strong midfield (especially with the news we got today regarding Barbosa being out for a month due to injury). He’s a young player with some good experience already under his belt from his time in Spain so hopefully the option will be there if we want to extend his stay here.

Pekhart, 26 years old and from the Czech Republic (though he was born in Czechoslovakia) will surely help us up front with Aravidis and Djebbour both having a hard time finding the net this season. He’s tall (1.94 meters) and also brings with him a lot of experience having played in Germany, England, and the Czech Republic.áš_Pekhart

Not sure when either player will be ready, but I’m hoping they’re already in good shape so that they could be considered for the game against Olympiakos.


One Response to “AEK Announce Singings of Zuculini and Pekhart”

  1. I was hoping for Blanco 😉

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