AEK 3-0 Veria

Another match and yet another win, bringing our total so far in 2016 to eight wins in a row. I really could not ask for better momentum going into the games against Atromitos and Olympiakos.

For the third league game in a row it was Vargas who opened the score for us after tapping in a beautiful pass from Didac. The scoring thankfully did not end there though as Aravidis added a second early in the second half before Mantalos scored off the rebound of Buonanotte’s penalty towards the end of the match. It wasn’t the easiest match for us as Veria were pretty stubborn up front, sending in a few shots that looked dangerous but ultimately went wide more often than not. Yet again though, the team showed they now have what it takes to get the win one way or another, even if we don’t always score the prettiest goals.

The way we’ve been managing to get these crucial wins is something that I think Poyet really deserves credit for. He seems to have found a way to get the team to take control of games, get the ball forward, and put the pressure on until something goes in, a formula that certainly seems to be working so far. A lot of it really comes down to the way the team has learned to control the game, settle down when they need to, and play effective and direct passes in order to get the ball up. I feel that this all comes down to Simoes and Johansson, two players who are physical but calm, players who are not afraid to hold on to the ball one extra second and look for the right option. To be able to control so much possesion in the centre of the pitch and start our attacks there rather than always going back is what really makes our play standout to me compared to what we were seeing under Dellas.

I really don’t have too many complaints about the team’s overall performance today, though a lot of that could simply come down to the fact that we were facing fairly weak opposition today. Having said that, I feel Didac deserves a fair bit of credit. The energy he provides down the left wing, both offensively and defensively, provide a huge boost to the team. On top of that, some of his passes such as the one that set up the goal were beautifully placed and timed and with bit of luck he could have ended up with another assist.

All in all, things are looking good for us. I would normally be a bit more worried about next week’s game against Atromitos since they’re never an easy team to play away, but their form lately has been quite poor and with us having such great momentum, I really think we have a good chance of getting the win. With PAO still only four points behind us, we need all the points we can get.

Highlights as usual found here:

I’ll also be checking to see if a full broadcast of the game is put online later on as well for those who didn’t get the chance to watch it earlier.



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