Panionios 1-1 AEK

Not the result we needed if we wanted to secure our spot in second place for another week, especially not with PAO getting a 2-0 win against Tripolis.

I wasn’t able to watch the game unfortunately since I was stuck writing an exam, but from what I’ve read, it seems like we could have ended up with a different result than what we got. Of course I don’t like to blame our results on the referees, but the officiating at yesterday’s game was pretty terrible (surprised? I’m not). Among his two worst mistakes from what I could see watching the highlights were his decision not to call a penalty when Johansson was tripped in the box, and disallowing our goal towards the end. Now, the second call, regarding our disallowed goal, I could perhaps very slightly understand it. Watching the replay, I’m convinced there was no actual shoving on the Panionios player, but Lambropoulos did have his hands out as if he was pushing on the Panionios defender’s back. It seemed like a clear dive from what I’ve seen but I suppose its possible that the ref saw some contact there.

The first call though, not awarding a penalty to us when Johansson was clearly tripped in the box, is a joke. There are three instances from the one defender when the ref could have called a penalty, and he was about five meters from the play at any given time. I cannot understand how there was no contact seen from the ref on the play, it just doesn’t make sense. As our players and staff said, that play was pretty big. He awards the penalty, we score, its a different game.

I haven’t been able to see the play where Arzo got his first yellow card, I’ve read that it was also a poor call, but as I haven’t actually seen it myself, I can’t really comment. His tackle for his second yellow though was the right call to the ref’s credit though. I don’t know why Arzo, having already received a yellow, would go in and make a challenge like that. Not only was it reckless, but it could have easily been avoided. I was quite happy with Arzo’s performance last game (though we were playing a far weaker team), but he seemed terrible yesterday. Not only was his tackle for his red card reckless and uncalled for, but he also should have done much better on the play where Panionios scored. Clearly his choices lately have not been the best since he really should have stuck with the attacker and forced him away from the box rather than going in for a pointless challenge so early and letting the attacker get away from him so easily. I remember a few weeks ago, Arzo made some comment sort of suggesting that he was almost too good for the team, but he certainly not making a good impression with his performance from yesterday.

Something else worth pointing out was Djebbour’s reaction after he got subbed off. I’m not surprised he acted like that, its Djebbour afterall, but there is no excuse for that. None at all, and I hope management have a word with him (not that I expect it to accomplish much). That’s not the kind of attitude we need, especially not when the team is already under enough pressure.


As I mentioned above, PAO won today which means they are now second with 28 points, one more point than us. Both PAO and AEK have relatively easy games next week, the last games before the Christmas break, but its possible either team could drop some points. Panthrakikos, PAO’s opposition next week, have had some decent performances lately (narrow 3-4 loss to Oly, 0-0 draw away against Iraklis, and a 2-1 away win against Atromitos), so its definitely possible they could sneak away with a point from the game. Levadeiakos, our opponents next week, have also had some decent games with a 1-0 win against Xanthi and 1-0 away against PAS, so I don’t anticipate that being a particularly easy match either.


One Response to “Panionios 1-1 AEK”

  1. We are actually still in second place for PAO has been punished with 3 points after the incidents in their game against Oly 😊

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