AEK 6-0 Panelefsiniakos

Third game in a row with a goal scored by Johansson, second win in a row for Poyet, and qualification for the next round of the Cup… All in all a pretty decent day for the team. Sure, we didn’t have the toughest opposition today, but to come out and get the convincing win the way we did shows that there’s perhaps some glimpses of the AEK we want to see lurking around.

Poyet decided to use this game to try out some different players and ideas, and it seems to have paid off. The first noticeable change was that Anestis got the start in nets. Hard to say whether he did a particularly good job since he had very few shots on net by Elefsiniakos, but I feel that the fact that Poyet gave him the chance shows that he sees something in the keeper. To be honest, I’m glad to see this since I’ve always felt that he was actually a pretty good keeper when he wasn’t making the needless mistakes that he often made.

The most noticeable change from Poyet was probably formation since we actually saw three attackers up front today. Djebbour played centre forward with Aravidis and Platellas on his left, and it seemed to have helped our attack quite noticeably. I didn’t get the chance to watch the game since I was at work but just from watching the highlights its apparent that having the three attacking players helped give us a huge presence in Panelefsiniakos’ box, something that we’ve been missing lately. The real test for Poyet will be how this formation handles stronger opposition, but its definitely a move in the right direction if we want to start scoring consistently.


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