Neptunas 80-86 AEK

A huge away win for AEK today in EuroCup Basketball, our third win in a row putting us in a very good position for advancing to the next round. It wasn’t the easiest match but as has been the case for us many times this season, we managed to come back stronger in the second half when we needed to most. One thing I’ve loved about our team so far this season is they almost always manage to find a way fight their way back into any game, sometimes overcoming gaps as wide as 18 points to do so.

Our best player was once again Mavrokefalidis, scoring 27 points and receiving MVP of the day award. It seems as though we haven’t come up against a team yet that can find a way to stop him, no matter how hard they try. Aside from Mavrokefalidis, some other noteworthy performances were put in by Sakota, Carter, and Warren.

Today’s win puts us in second place in our group with three wins and two loses. The next three closest teams, Kizhny, Neptunas, and Hapoel Jerusalem all have two wins and three loses so its definitely far from over. Considering we’ve already played our hardest game (Galatasaray away) and the fact that the top three teams advance to the next stage, I’d say we have a pretty good chance of going through which would be fantastic for our first season back in Europe. Our next game is away to Krazny, a game which could go either way really. Our first game against them was a very narrow loss, and it was the only game Krazny have won in the group. We’ve only gotten better since then, and have also boosted our squad with the signing of Mavroeidis a couple days ago, so I think the game is definitely ours to take, as long as we play the basketball I know we can. The game will be next Wednesday.

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