AEK 0-1 Asteras Tripolis

Well that was disappointing… For a number of reason. First of all, we should have won that game. We were all over Asteras for much of the game, especially much of the first half. We were creating chances, we weren’t afraid to move the ball forward, we contained Asteras pretty well. But, as we all very well know by this point, we cannot finish plays. Sure, every now and then we have a good game, but we can’t let games against weak teams like Iraklis, PAS, and Platanias fool us. When you look at our results against teams like Xanthi, PAOK, Olympiakos, PAO, and Atromitos, it is clear that when times are tough for our players, we simply cannot score, even when we’re creating the chances. Our game over the weekend was just more proof of this. If you look at the highlights, our only scoring chances are from set plays or balls to Aravidis. Sure we create a lot, but we’re never going to score every set play, and we certainly cannot rely on only Aravidis to score goals…

The simple fact of the matter is that the players can talk all they want about changing the system at the club. Poyet can talk all he wants about changing the system. Anyone can make whatever changes they want to our system, but no change will fix the fact that we don’t have the players we need to score goals. Whoever had the bright idea this summer that we did not need to invest on some solid strikers and could instead rely on Aravidis and Djebbour has certainly been proven wrong, and it is costing us dearly. Already we have lost points in games where we could have won had we had some decent goal scorers. Our 0-0 with Xanthi, our 0-0 with PAO, our 2-1 loss to PAOK, these are all games where we could have potentially come away with an extra seven points compared to where we are now had we been able to score a goal or two…

Why else was this game disappointing? For those of you who haven’t yet seen what Vargas did, check it out in the highlights that I’ll post below. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen one of our players do something so immature on the pitch… In fact, the last thing that I can think of was when Katidis did his nazi salute which he still says he didn’t understand… I get that he was angry, I get that theres a lot of adrenaline going, but could he really not control himself a little better than that? Maybe not, but I hope he learned from this because I think its safe to say that there was a good chance the game would not have ended in the way it did had he not been sent off the way he had been.

To be honest, I was afraid of Asteras before the match. They were coming off an impressive win against APOEL in the Europa League, and they are always a dangerous team. But we should still be able to take them comfortably, and we could have had we had a couple different players on the pitch and had a couple things gone our way which ultimately did not. Nobody was expecting us to win every derby in our first season back, but shouldn’t we at least be able to expect us to get points against teams like Asteras at home? And aside from the fact that we lost to Asteras at home, we are also now behind them AND Panionios in the standings. A third of the way into the championship so far and we’re already long since said goodbye to first and are quickly watching second place slip from our reach too. This is why we desperately need some more players come January, players who can make sure we get the job done against the smaller teams and end up in a decent position for the playoffs…

By the way, did anyone see Scocco’s goal from a couple days ago? Ah what I would give to have someone like him on the team again…

Match highlights:

Things may not be going too well for our football team, but they’re certainly going alright for our basketball team. After five wins out of five games in the league so far, we’re currently first with 10 points. Of course, we still have to face PAO, Olympiakos, and Aris, but its still a very promising start to the season regardless. We have a very strong team this year and with a few more additions we definitely have a chance of challenging Olympiakos and PAO come game day. In addition to our success in the league, we’re also in decent shape in the Euro League, having lost two and won two. Our first win was agonizingly close, and our second game was against Galatasaray, a Euro League caliber team who was always expected to win every match pretty easily. We’ve been very strong so far and have another game tomorrow against Neptunas of Lithuania. A win tomorrow would put us in a very good position for ensuring we make it to the next round, and I genuinely believe we have a good chance of making it happen.


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