Olympiakos 4-0 AEK

Its always painful loosing a derby, and more so when you lose by so many goals. But what made this loss sting even more was the fact that Olympiakos played like garbage. Absolute garbage, but we still could not beat them.

If we had the AEK of five, ten, of fifteen years ago, when we had players like Scocco, Blanco, Liberopoulos, Dellas, Papastathopoulos, Zikos, Katsouranis, Tsiartas, Demis, etc… This Olympiakos team of today would not have stood a chance. If we had a team that compared to the teams we had in the past, we would have clinched the title before the league even started. Instead, despite having just started a new chapter in our history, and having an owner with extremely deep pockets, all we can hope for with our current team is a chance of finishing in the playoffs and maybe qualifying for Europa League this year.

These ambitions might be okay for a team like Iraklis, Atromitos, or Panionios, but they are not the ambitions we should have for AEK. Unfortunately though, its all we have at the moment and I can’t help but put a lot of the blame on Mellissanidis. We lost the yesterday’s game on our own yesterday. Was the officiating horrible? Of course it was (who was expecting otherwise). We had three offsides called against us that shouldn’t have been called, we got cards for non-fouls while Olympiakos we’re pulling our shirts and dragging us down left, right, and centre without even getting a talking to. Not to mention the fact that their first goal was a clear foul on Didac…

None of this matters to me though because we hardly deserved much from this game at all. The players are to blame for sure since they created far too many mistakes, wasted far too many chances, were not composed when they needed to be, and had no idea what was going on tactically for much of the game. However, there is only so much they can do. They aren’t a bad team, but they’re clearly not great either, and also far too unexperienced for high pressure games (two terrible performances and two losses in our first two derbies clearly shows this). Like I said earlier, Olympiakos were not great either, and we managed to create chances and hold onto possession for much of the game. But the difference between the two sides, aside from the refereeing, was that Olympiakos we’re able to finish the chances they had when they needed to.

I’ll also have to blame Dellas for our loss. It’s been mentioned a lot online already, but the moment that really changed everything for us was when Dellas took Simoes off and replaced him with Buonanotte. I don’t feel like putting Buonanotte on was a bad choice, but Barbosa should have been taken off, not Simoes. Simoes was one of the few players who was helping us keep possesion in the middle while Barbosa was doing very little all game. I know Barbosa has had some decent form lately and maybe Dellas was hoping he would work some magic, but he clearly took a risk that didn’t pay off as almost immediately after the substitution, we completely lost any control of the game that we had before.

Having said all of that, there is one person who I hold more responsible for yesterday’s result than anyone else. For the past two seasons we’ve finally had an owner that could bring some stability to the team. He brought hope to the team, promises of a stadium, and he was not afraid to say what he had to say to stand up for us. He promised AEK would return strong, he said Olympiakos and PAO would fear us, he said he would clean up the league, he said he would build a stadium, he said this, he said that. What has he actually done though? I was happy to see someone who was willing to speak up, who made us confident that good times we’re coming again, but I’m starting to quickly realize that Melisanidis is all talk and little else. Its early still, and I want to give him a chance, but he has done hardly anything for the team until now and its doing us no good at all.

For someone with the money he has, why have we not yet built a good squad? Why couldn’t we go after some solid players, maybe someone like Scocco instead of Djebbour. Why do we still have to count on Aravidis and Chrisantus to score goals for us. Why are we relying on inexperienced centre backs like Tzanetopoulos? I have nothing but respect for Aravidis, Chrisantus, and Tzanetopoulos, but these guys alone are not the level of players we need to be able to field a solid, championship worthy team. These players will never be able to compare to previous AEK teams, not on their own at least. Is that bad thing? Not if we were Panionios, or Iraklis, but we are AEK. We don’t manage to get 70,000 supporters in a stadium to watch a team that is good enough for fifth place. We haven’t had previous generations of AEK teams build a legacy only for us to get where we are now, and we certainly didn’t go through so many embarassing seasons, only to end up in the third and second division, to become a fifth place First division team.

Melisanidis needs to stop talking, and he needs to realise with the current atmosphere and mindset supporting the team at the moment, we’ll never be where we need to be. Maybe he doesn’t want to spend the money, which I can understand, but then why make us become a third division team, why talk the way you do, only to not actually give us the support we need? I’m hoping this result and the one against PAOK are wake up calls…

And to make one thing clear… I know there was talk before the season about how management didn’t want to spend too much money on what was our first year back in the first division, and I understand that. We’re AEK, but of course we need to build up again. BUT, we didn’t need lots of money thrown at the team. We just needed a better plan and a few solid players, players who could really make the difference. Yesterday’s game was one that we could have taken so easily with a few more experienced players. It really would not have taken much to have built a team that could take Olympiakos, PAO, and PAOK this season. Each one of those teams are weak this year, and we’re just a bit weaker…

I don’t know what to say, but I really hope we’re going to see some sort of change, at least come january. We’ve clearly lost the championship already, but I would love to at least see an AEK that can go into these derbies knowing what they have to do to win. Unfortunately, we didn’t even know how to play in order to take the game, even if we had the players to do it…

To see some video of the horrible officiating, check out this link.


2 Responses to “Olympiakos 4-0 AEK”

  1. a.l_ways@yahoo.gr Says:

    πολύ καλή δουλειά, Alex, αν δεν κάνω λάθος τ’ όνομά σου..βάλε σε παρακαλώ στην λίστα σου τις διευθυνσεις ted@laliotis.org [Θείος μου, καλός ΑΕΚτζής USA]  & elalio@gmail.com [αδελφός μου, κοιμισμένος αλλά καλός ΑΕΚτζής USA]

    Στις 11:21 μ.μ. Κυριακή, 18 Οκτωβρίου 2015, ο/η AEK Archives έγραψε:

    #yiv7678741001 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv7678741001 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv7678741001 a.yiv7678741001primaryactionlink:link, #yiv7678741001 a.yiv7678741001primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv7678741001 a.yiv7678741001primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv7678741001 a.yiv7678741001primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv7678741001 WordPress.com | alexaek posted: “Its always painful loosing a derby, and more so when you lose by so many goals. But what made this loss sting even more was the fact that Olympiakos played like garbage. Absolute garbage, but we still could not beat them.If we had the AEK of five, ten” | |

  2. I had to let a few days go buy so I could cool off before i wrote my comments, my two cents worth.

    Not sure whether i have cooled off enough but here it goes. I have for a while now been listening to people make negative comments about Melisanidi, how he got the team for free, how he would rather see it down in the 3rd division than support it, how he is not using any of his own money towards the stadium. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, ie: why pay for someone else’s mistakes, etc.

    Now, i cant help but feel that perhaps all these people were right. The man did get the team for free, he refuses to build the stadium with any of his funds, and who is he fooling by telling us that the team is fine and we dont need any additional support. I guess he assumed that he can use the excuse that its our first year back, no one can actually expect us to win the championship, so lets buy our selves some time. I mean he bought back Djebour, give me a break! He had a thing for Djebour, seriously?? I said it on my previous comment, I would have much rather seeing Blanco back than Djebour.

    Speaking of wasting time, how much time have we lost with the stadium, all for a lousy 20 million euros. Yes i know its a lot of money but when you are worth 64 Billion dollars (68 for Maridakis), whats 20 fking million?? We had a stadium friendly municipal govt back then, an AEK friendly govt, not this loser kologavro who knows who is behind him! So much time was wasted trying to get funding from the state, from a state that cant feed its own people to build us a stadium!. And of course he convinced so many other people to put down their own money. I guess its true what they say about the rich, that they dont like to use their own money but would use everyone elses. No wonder the rich get richer.

    I expected to lose to olympiakos this year, but I do not expect to be humiliated by a loser team, with a bunch of loser fans, and most of all by its mafiozo owner, its corrupt, loser owner who has to make his appearance at a police station twice a month. And they have a nerve to write “we missed you”. If he wasnt so rich he would have been in prison by now. In any other first world country he would have been charged and in prison. Not having others like Beos and Psomiadis take the fall for him. Unfortunately he is untouchable in Greece and he knows it. Especially when he sends his own jet to pick up Platini and bring him to Mykonos, all that according to Beos not me.

    Yes officiating sucked but if we had those one or two additional players that we should have picked up this summer, we wouldnt have given the officiating any excuses.

    Anyway, my thoughts on that game. maybe this was the kick in the gut that Mel needed to do something, to be humiliated but that thug. Maybe something good will come out of it after all.

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