AEK-Atromitos (Halftime)

For anyone who wants to watch the game, I’ve found this stream here:

Quality isn’t great, but it’ll have to do.

EDIT: More reliable stream with no ads, but also no sound.

Very mediocre performance from the team so far. Defensively we haven’t been tested too much, but when we have there seemed to be very little organization from the back four. Atromitos had a couple chances that were a little too close for comfort. In terms of our midfield, I’d say it was okay, but not great. We’re moving the ball around and finding some space, but showing very little creativity and relying too much on getting balls in from the centre.

As far as offense is concerned, I’m certainly hoping for a lot more in the second half. We’e been created some dangerous chances, but our finishing has been dreadful. Part of it seems to come down to our forwards not being positioned well, but even when they find themselves in a good position to score, they’ve constantly blown it every time. With a bit more patience from our forwards in the second half, plus a reshuffle of our midfield, we can definitely score in the second half, but the team will need to play smarter.

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