Cup Group Stage Draw

The draw for the group stages of the Cup took place today and while I’m optimistic about our chances of going through, I have to admit it will be anything but easy. We’ll be playing in the 7th group along with Xanthi, Larissa, and Panelefsiniakos. Obviously our biggest threat here will be Xanthi, but I don’t think any of the games will be particularly easy.

The first game, which will be away against Xanthi, will take place between the 27th and 29th of October. Its a tough match to start, but a win here will do wonders to help guarantee our progression through to the next round.


3 Responses to “Cup Group Stage Draw”

  1. As the team gets more games under its feet, it will be in better shape. Keep in mind we have Diego and Mandalo playing now. We saw last weekend what Diego can do!!

  2. btw, the building of our stadium has been delayed for another 2 months. Typical of the political games they are playing on the back of AEK.

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