AEK 3-1 PAS Giannena

Second win in three games for us, enough to sneak us into second place after PAO lost over the weekend. A bit of a rough start to the game as PAS went up 1-0 around the 20th due to a tricky shot that Baroja couldn’t get his hands on to. We managed to pick ourselves up quickly enough though due to some wonderful football from Buonnanote and by time half time came around, we found ourselves in front 2-1.

Aside from the standout performance from Buonannote, the highlight of the match was Mantalos’ return from injury. After almost half a year absence, the return of our “maestro” was a relief to see. We haven’t been really lacking in terms of attacking creativity without him around, but he added a calming element to our attack which we could benefit from, being able to slow things down a bit just until the right moment to create something.

Overall the performance from our team was pretty promising with noteworthy performances from Buonnanote, Simoes, Galo, and Barbosa. Chrisantus on the other hand was a huge letdown yet again. Chance after chance right in front of the net and he can’t finish. I don’t really know what it is, but we’re going to have start looking elsewhere for our attack if this is all we have. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt since he tends to do everything else right, but its always that last touch that he so painfully misses.

Attendance was pretty good, around 25,000. Hopefully a win against PAOK next week will lead to even larger attendance when we return to OAKA to play Atromitos in a few weeks time. Speaking of the PAOK match, I’m feeling quite confident if I may say so myself. As tough a stadium as Toumba is to play in, we never seem to have too hard a time there provided we’re in good form. To add to that, PAOK actually lost 3-1 to PAS Giannena just which is promising to say the least. Not sure if we’ll see Mantalos start the match, but I would personally love to see that.


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  1. We have a bunch of derbies coming up!

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