Skoda Xanthi 0-0 AEK

A disappointing result after an equally disappointing performance for AEK today. Playing Xanthi away was never going to be easy, particularly with a very obvious lack of any attacking presence at all. One point is better than nothing, especially considering Xanthi managed to get away with a draw against PAOK in Toumba as well, but seeing first place slip away from us so early into the championship is never something we want to see.

I tried throughout the entire match to find a stream, but it seemed like nobody online had any luck at all. I’m hoping this wont be a regular occurence, but if the radio commentary was anything to go by, it seemed like we weren’t missing much. Neither team managed to really create many decent chances but I can’t say for sure whether that came down to good defense, poor offense, or simply a lack of any attacking desire from either side. Regardless, the commentary about our performance afterwards was not assuring to read. We clearly still have work to do, and we desperately need to sign another striker up front. I’m seeing a lot of names being thrown around lately, but I’m hoping we can just sign someone good soon and start getting them ready as soon as possible.

Hopefully we can get back to winning ways next week at home against PAS Giannena since we’ll need all the momentum and confidence we can get going into our game against PAOK. Today has made it painfully obvious that we are back in a league where most games will not be the easy wins we were used to seeing in the third and second divisions. We have a good squad but we can’t get too comfortable at any point. This may not be La Liga or Serie A, but every team in this league is more than capable of beating any other team in the league on a good day.

For those who may be wondering, Buonanotte only played a few minutes towards the end of the match. Hopefully by next week he’ll be capable and fit enough to play a decent amount of time since I feel like he’ll really add another dimension that we’re missing at the moment. He won’t solve all our problems, and neither will Mantalos when he returns, since Aravidis can’t do it all on his own. But hopefully he’ll add an element of creativity going forward that we’ll really need to make us more of an attacking threat in the middle of the pitch (rather than relying on attacks down the wings or initiated with long balls).


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