AEK 3-0 Platanias

Now that I finally have a chance to sit down at my PC, albeit in a hotel room in North Pennsylvania, I’ll get together a quick post on our game yesterday.

First off, check out some of the highlights from the game. Galo’s goal was fantastic, giving me even more reason to be excited about this player. Also worth noting is that gorgeous pass to set up Vargas for the first goal. Johansson is without a doubt proving to be one of our best signings of the past few years.

Just from watching the highlights, its obvious that there’s something good going here. The attacking mindset is definitely there, passing is great, and we’re making chances (how many chances do Platellas and Djebbour need to miss though??).

I definitely really like what I’ve seen so far from the first game, but there’s still a couple things to keep in mind. First of all, we desperately need a quality striker, someone up front who we can get the ball to and who has the experience and composure to take the shot that’s needed. They don’t even need to be able to score the stunners, goals like those Scocco used to score, since we have the players who can score those goals when the opportunity arises (Simoes, Vargas, Galo). What we need is someone we can really on to get the job done up front, a player like Blanco during his first season with us.

All that aside, we definitely have a solid team otherwise, but we still need to see how they fare against a strong team. We may have played well on Saturday, but with our upcoming games against Xanthi, PAS, and PAOK, we’ll definitely have the chance to see just how ready our team is within the next few weeks.

If anyone happened to catch the whole game, I would love to hear your opinions on how we played! I’m hoping to be able to watch our next game, but I’m not too sure how likely that is to happen.


7 Responses to “AEK 3-0 Platanias”

  1. Thanks a lot that’s a great help, could you also advise me on what part of the stadium would
    be best for a first timer and will there be any Pas fans in attendance ?

    Thanks again and I hope this will be the first
    of many trips to cheers on the famous AEK 👍

    • I hope for many more for you as well! And hopefully you’ll be watching some matches in our new stadium one day too. As for where to sit, well its a good question. For the best view in the stadium, you’ll want to sit towards the middle of the stands ideally, gates such as 9, 10, or 11 if I remember correctly. Both the upper and lower tiers are good too. You’ll be a bit far away if youre on the top because of the track around the pitch, but you’ll be able to see the whole pitch really nicely. Otherwise, if you want cheaper tickets, you can head towards the ends where tickets are really cheap but the view isnt so great. If you want to sit near the Originals and really experience the atmosphere, gates 1 and 35 are where they sit. Gates 2 and 3 will also get you really close to the atmosphere without actually putting you right in the middle of it all. Depends on what you want really.

      As for Pas fans, thats a good question and I dont have the answer at the moment. Im not sure yet if they’ll be allowed in, but if they are then I imagine there might be a handful of their supporters present. No more than maybe 20 or 30 though.

  2. Good start to the year!

  3. anybody have streams for the games? The game vs Xanthi has started just now.

    • Hi Teddy. Ive been trying all through the first half to find something, doesnt seem to be anything at all. Getting a bit ridiculous…


    If you check here, it at least shows roughly where the ball is and who has possesion.

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