We’re back: AEK 3-0 Platanias!

More to come first chance I have to sit at my PC (currently writing this on my phone). Huge win, and in front of a respectable crowd of 30 thousand! Goals by Vargas, Galo (Galo’s goal was yet another screamer), and Aravidis. Goo start to the season!


2 Responses to “We’re back: AEK 3-0 Platanias!”

  1. Hi I’m going to Rhodes for a wedding, but I’m leaving early so I can get to the AEK V PAS game,To cheer on the AEK, any advise I will
    Be with my 18 son and a friend I’m 51 and Chelsea fan but had a soft spot for AEK after watching one of there games on TV whilst on
    Holiday, Advise ie tickets, where to go, where to drink before and after thanks in advance mate , and UP THE AEK 👍

    • Very jealous! Have a great time at the match, should be a great atmosphere. From what I heard, the fans are feeling pretty positive with how this season is shaping up to be (understandably) so the atompshere in the games this season should be fantastic.

      As for tickets, I would suggest getting to the stadium early and picking some up at the booth thats just underneath the metro station. It might be possible to pick some up from the AEK shop in Monastiraki as well (though I cant quite remember if that shop is still there). Ill ask around for what the best way to get tickets this season would be and if I hear anything else, Ill let you know!

      As for where to go before or after, well there are quite a few options. Do you want to be where AEK fans would likely be? I’d reccomend it, they tend to get the atmosphere started pretty early. If thats the case, then I suggest Iralkeio or Maroussi, since they’re both near the Eirini metro station (the station for the stadium). I think at some of the cafes and bars at Irakleio specifically you’ll find quite a few AEK fans, and there are plenty of places in the area to grab a quick drink. Nea Ionia would also be a good place to check out, there are a few cafes and bars near the station there as well and thats heavy AEK territory. I would suggest Nea Filadelfia as well since that is our home and there are plenty of cafes in the area, but there isn’t really a metro near by so youd have to walk it or take a taxi. Its a doable walk to the nearest metro, Ive done it a few times, but its a pretty long one.

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