AEK 1-1 Sevilla

Well well, it looks like things are starting to come together for the team. Obviously this match was yet another friendly and so there is only so much we can take from it, but our performance something to be proud of regardless. I managed to catch about thirty minutes from the first half and from what I saw, we’re definitely starting to play some good football as a team. Our defense was pretty well organized and Baroja seemed pretty solid (a relief to say the least), but what really stuck out to me was how effective our attacking play was. We were able to nicely hold on to the ball, move it around, and create opportunities from all sorts of plays.

I always really enjoyed seeing how much we were pressuring offensively, and how we didn’t show any hesitation in attack, even against such a strong team. It reminded me of the 1-1 against Olympiakos in Karaiskaki from last season. I was expecting us to approach that game rather cautiously but AEK went all out, just as they did today.

With a couple more singings, I think we’re going to have a solid team this season. We’ve got some strong players and it looks like we’re starting to gel together quite nicely. One thing that did worry me today however was Djebbour’s lack of finishing up front. The Djebbour I remember from a few seasons back would have had no problem at least threatening a little more on many of the plays he was involved in, but today he looked off. Maybe it was a bad day, maybe he still needs some time, but unless we see something more from him, I’m going to be a bit worried to say the least. It would be a shame to have a midfield thats able to move the ball around so nicely and create plays without an attacker who can finish things off and get goals scored. Of course we still have Aravidis, but we cant rely on just him.

Oh and our new jerseys we’re officially revealed today, and I love them. They really remind me of some of our older kits from the 30s through to the 60s.

Highlights from our match (Credit to Sevilla for that beautiful goal).

Didac Villa, who I mentioned in my previous post, has officially signed for us. Am I relieved? You bet! Definitely a solid singing for left back in my opinion. We’re also looking into singing Diego Buonanotte and from what I’ve read, it seems like everyone has agreed to the terms of the deal. He’s a player who, if he finds his form with us, will be a huge addition to our midfield. Considering we’d have Diego, Simoes, and Vargas (plus Barbossa, Mantalos and Platellas) as attacking midfield options, I think it would be safe to say that we’re pretty much set in terms of attacking power.


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  1. The new jerseys look great, I agree. Keep. Up all the great work on this blog!

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