AEK 2-0 Miedz

Our final friendly in Poland thankfully ended in a 2-0 win with goals scored by Anakoglou and Chrisantus. From what I was reading during the game, our performance was anything but great, with very little pressuring, lots of mistakes, and lots of fouls. Worrying commentary to say the least, but I’m hoping that comes down to fatigue and the fact that Dellas is still trying out some different formations, but we will definitely need to start showing some more composure as a team.

There have been some developments in the singing of Karim Hafez and it looks like the deal has fallen through. There were quite a few details that weren’t agreed upon judging from what I read, but I’m starting to think this may have been a blessing in disguise since it seems like we would have had nothing but headaches trying to work out the details of his loan.

As a backup plan, it seems we are now going for one of our earlier targets for left back, Spaniard Didac Vila. At 26 years old hes still got quite a few good years ahead of him, and his experience defending in the Spanish league for most of his career can only be a good thing. Hopefully this singing works out since we desperately need a reliable left back, and soon.


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