Not quite there yet..

Over the weekend we played a friendly against one of our tougher pre-season opponents, Anorthosis. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be an easy game, and it turned out not to be. The game ended in a 2-1 loss for us with our only goal coming courtesy of Grontis and while it wasn’t a great result, it really highlights the fact that we still have a lot of work to do. To be honest I’m not entirely confident with the team we have at the moment though I would love to see them prove me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, we have a good squad for sure, but I still feel like we’re really lacking in some key positions and we’re lacking the kind of players who could make a difference either with their skill (Scocco) or experience (Liberopoulos, Zikos, etc…). I think there’s definitely potential with our current squad but another solid singing or two can really help ensure we have the quality needed to make a strong statement for our first season back in the first division.

In other news, Karim Hafez has arrived in Athens. His singing hasn’t been officially announced but it seems like its pretty much a done deal with just the formalities, such as a medical, remaining. I’m really excited about this singing, possibly more excited than any other so far. He’s young, very talented, and fills a position (left back) where we’re really lacking at the moment. I doubt he’ll be ready for our upcoming friendly against Sevilla, but I would love to see him play when we play against Inter.


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