AEK – Platanias To Be First Home Match

The draw for this year’s superleague took place today in Athens and I really can’t find too much to complain about how it ended up. I was worried we’d have two derbies one after the other but we’ve managed to avoid that this year. This matches will be the following:

Team B-AEK
AEK-Asteras Tripolis
AEK-Team A

I’m still not sure about dates for the matches, as far as I know they have not yet been posted. I’m also not sure who will be taking the places of teams A and B, Im assuming that will be know fairly soon.

As much as I don’t want AEK to be involved with the typical Superleague nonesense anymore, I’m really looking forward to seeing us play some big matches again. Its been far too long since I experienced that indescribable feeling that we get when we beat a team like PAO or Oly.


8 Responses to “AEK – Platanias To Be First Home Match”

  1. Wouter from Amsterdam Says:

    the dates are now on the AEK site:

  2. Where i found tickets the match??..AEK – Platanias?

  3. AEK oaaaa AEK oaaaa so happy to see AEK back in 1st division anyone know a good website to stream AEK league matches…don’t have ert or ant anymore….screw olympiacos malakes

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