Vargas and Andreopoulos Sign, Friendly with Inter Announced

Its been a fairly busy few weeks for AEK. Pre-season training has officially started at Spata, and I believe all our players up until now have been involved. A relieving site to see from photos taken of our practises was that of Mantalos training on the pitch again. I’m not exactly sure what the timeline is as far as his return to actual playing is, but the fact hes now active on the pitch again is promising enough for me at the moment.

Since my last post we made two more official signings, the first being Ronald Vargas. I know it was pretty much a done deal for a while now, but I was getting a bit worried since I had yet to see an official announcement for quite a while. Especially considering his promising performances during the Copa America, I was worried he’d be picked up by another time. My fears ended up being for nothing, as he was in fact officially announced.

We also signed promising Greek Kyrgiakos Andreopoulos. I read that there was a lot of interest from Olympiakos which makes this singing that much more satisfying.

Our season ticket sales have so far been quite impressive, especially considering the times in Greece at the moment. Last I read we sold 2,000 season tickets, which if I understood correctly was more than wed sold at this point in previous seasons. In addition to the promising signings we’ve made, I’m sure the fact that we not only have a friendly with Sevilla coming up, but now also one with Inter, have helped to boost sales. Normally we get one tough opponent to play against in the pre-season friendlies, but this summer we’ll be treated to two and I know I’m certainly looking forward to both of them.

Some news regarding our Basketball team now. Our Euro Cup group was announced a few days ago and unfortunately its not the easiest group we could have hoped for. The two biggest threats to me are Galatasaray, a team that played in Euro League last year, as well Israeli side Hapoel Jerusalem. It wont be an easy group, but we will definitely have a lot of good games to look forward. Seeing AEK back in European basketball once again is definitely something I’m really anticipating.


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