Djebbour Returns

Now I know not all of you will be happy about this, but whether you’re happy or not, Djebbour is back. I personally was on the edge when he was just a rumour, but I think now that its official, I’ve come to accept it. He may not be the best striker the world has ever seen, but he’s certainly a very decent one who just came off a great season for APOEL.

Obviously I can never forget the fact that he went to Olympiakos, and I’m sure he is well aware that many AEK supporters will be thinking of that when they see him wearing our shirt again, but the prospect of him being up front with Aravidis is certainly something that I’ll be looking forward to seeing next season, particularly with players like Simoes, Mantalos and Johansson providing support from lower down the pitch.

From what I’ve been reading, Vargas has been having a great tournament at the Copa America so far. Hopefully his form continues through to when he starts playing for us later in the year because if it does, then he will definitely stand out in the superleague.

Speaking of the superleague, I’m sure many of you have heard the news from earlier today regarding Marinakis. He had a little visit to a court in Athens where he was ordered to pay a fine (which realistically will be hardly anything for him), report to a police station twice a month, and stop any involvement with football. I suppose its good to see some action finally being taken against this man, especially when I expected little or nothing to happen at all. On the other hand though, what exactly will this change? If he wants to, he can still have his way with the team and league since I’m sure he’ll find some way of arranging to have someone work for him, plus I can’t see how this actually punishes the team in any way. Its definitely still quite early, so I’m willing to give the courts some time to see what else they can do, since clearly they feel theres enough evidence to prove what kind of a mess this league really is. And at the end of the day I have to be happy and relieved that finally some action is being taken. Now I just really hope they don’t stop here..


2 Responses to “Djebbour Returns”

  1. I was not happy to hear that we took him back, TBH. The way he left us was disrespectful to the club, and made him look like a mercenary asshole. He’s also a bit too old now (given his modicum of skills) to be of any real use to us. I think the first chance we have to drop him from the squad, we’ll take it.

    • If this pre-season has shows us one thing, its the fact that we really don’t need Djebbour before. I was ready to give him a chance to at least see what he could still do on the pitch, but he has been pretty horrible so far, not to mention hes already been involved in some off the pitch incidents (and the season hasnt even started!!). I have to say that I agree with you, I can’t see it taking us much to drop him for good…

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