Apollon Smyrnis 3-3 AEK

Not an easy game for AEK, as we fell behind three times throughout. Luckily our players managed to show some determination to come back from behind each time, but the result still is not the most encouraging when we’re just about to enter the top division once again.

To be fair, Dellas did go with a lineup consisting mostly of bench players for the second game in a row so I guess there’s only so much we can tell from the result and performance. Plus, I have to constantly remind myself that it has been a very long season for much of the team considering we have been playing competitive games since late August. That doesn’t excuse the team giving less than their best, though I suppose in a way I can kind of understand it.

The ratings for the game from AEK365 were horrible, particularly in terms of goalkeeping and defense. In fact they were probably the worst ratings I recall seeing for an AEK game. Karagiolidis once again had a pretty bad performance, and its pretty safe to say at this point that he wont be playing any role in the first team next season. I feel bad for the guy considering hes had pretty much no time at all playing competitively and the only games he does play are horrible performances, but with his lack of meaningful experience with the team, nobody can be surprised.

Thankfully it was not all bad news from the game yesterday as Chrisantus managed to have another promising performance. I’m not quite sure yet if I see a spot for him on the team next season since it really comes down to what singings we make during the summer, but hes definitely been taking advantage of these last few games to prove hes at least worth considering. I’m definitely willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since he only joined the team in January and rarely had the chance to get some game time until well into his time at the team.

Theres been a lot of talk regarding singings for the summer, and as of yet I don’t believe a word of it. It seems like this summer will be more of the same, with three different names being thrown around each day. Latest I just read was Maxi Rodriguez, though theres also been talk of Volkan Demirel for keeper. I remember seeing some impressive performances from Volkan so I don’t think I’d mind him (I remember we had an AEK fan from Turkey posting on the blog a couple weeks ago… If you happen to read this, do you have any thoughts regarding Volkan?), but I’m starting to get tired of names like Maxi Rodriguez. Sure, he had a pretty respectable career, but I’m really starting to wish we’d see less 34 or 35 year olds being mentioned. I would love some experience in defense and midfield, but really I’d rather spend the money on two or more solid younger talents rather than picking up another 34 year old just because of his name. If they’ve been playing particularly well and have a couple good years ahead of them then sure, but really if that were the case would other teams with deeper pockets than AEK be looking to pick up the players too?

Anyways, not sure what names will be mentioned tomorrow morning when I wake up, but I’m really hoping one way or another that management shows some urgency and makes some quality singings. Its already June, and the pre-season is really not too far away at this point…


6 Responses to “Apollon Smyrnis 3-3 AEK”

  1. It’s funny cause after Hamburg’s relegation playoff win everyone at AEK365 was raving about Van der Vaart’s performance (as they should – he did have a good game) but people shouldn’t be deceived. He had a very poor season overall. Some of the blame surely goes to the changing of staff etc which makes consistency even harder for the players but he was exposed multiple times when asked to play a deeper role.

    Obviously the Greek league is no BuLi but one should wonder about attempting to get him if he’s not very good at playing deep in midfield. And if the AEK staff is attempting to get him for a attacking midfielder role, I have to ask, why? We have Mantalos. I want to see a young Greek strive in that no. 10 role so if anything I say we get backup for that role not a big name has-been.

    Ok mini rant over aha. I’ll end it with this:

    As a fan sometimes you see only what you want to see.

    • In my humble opinion as a 50 year old AEK and Ajax-fan, I was hoping van der Vaart would return to Amsterdam, but if not, AEK should take him if they have the chance. He really is a remarkble player with extraordinary skills and is an asset to the team.

      • Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Dutch fan (Huntelaar is one of my favourite players) and I like Van der Vaart. If the price is right then sure, try and get him, but let’s not pretend that he didn’t have a poor season. Ask any HSV follower if you can and they’ll tell you the same.

        I just don’t want another Eidur Gudjohnsen case on our hands.

  2. gtmanleg Says:

    Looks like we ended up winning the table with 28 points, which means we really lost it by one point in actual play. Still, glad to see it, and I hope the slow finish was due to trying out players versus bad play.

    • alexaek Says:

      Yeah I think trying new players was definitely part of it, plus the fact that our players probably lost a lot of steam by the end of it… No matter, we made it and can now put all that behind us!

      • gtmanleg Says:

        Yeah, I shouldn’t complain too much about getting back to the Superleague in 2 years. šŸ™‚ Now let’s get back to European competition next year!

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