Panachaiki 1-1 AEK

Not an impressive game according to what I read, though not a particularly important one either considering promotion has already been clinched. Dellas took the opportunity to give some players the chance to start a game when they otherwise wouldn’t, so naturally the chemistry wasn’t quite there as it normally would be with our regular starters. Karagiolidis got the start in net, while Svaras, Faye, Zoric, Grontis, and Chrisantus were all also starters.

We managed to play alright offensively from what I saw in the highlights, though our defense was shaky at best. Again, its not surprising considering some of these players have hardly had the chance to play all season, but hopefully they’ll manage to tighten things up a bit in the remaining three games if they continue to start. Realistically though I’m sure a number of the players who got the start on Sunday know that their chances of being in the first team next season are rather slim.

Not sure what exactly caused it all, but if you watch the highlights at all you might notice some incidents in the stands involving Panachaiki president Kougias. Looks like he got into a bit of a fight with some police (not sure who exactly was involved / the target of it all), even had his shirt ripped and handcuffs put on before he had the chance to leave the pitch. Ah Greece, I guess you can’t have a game go by without some incident going on.

In other news, there’s been a whole bunch of talk lately regarding transfers. I’m not sure when it will be a done deal, but I remember last week we were supposedly close to signing Dutch keeper Erwin Mulder, a player I hadn’t seen much of but from some highlights on youtube, he looks like he’d be a more than adequate keeper to pick up. Hopefully I’ll hear some more news regarding him in the coming days.

We’ve also been linked with some other players recently, including Orlando Sa. His name has been mentioned on and off for the past six months, not sure if anything will come of it but he seems like he’d be a decent player to sign if we can get him fairly cheap. We’ve also been hearing Van Der Vaart’s name recently, a player who I think would definitely have the potential to stand out on our team and in our league. Sure he’s getting up there in terms of age, but the experience would definitely be a boost in my opinion. It comes down to the price for me though since if we can sign him for relatively cheap, then I’d say go for it. Otherwise, if what he’s asking for starts getting pretty high, then really I’d think we were better off spending the money on someone else, maybe someone younger with a lot of potential (I’m thinking a signing along the lines of someone like Scocco if we can manage that).

Simoes, the Portuguese midfielder we signed over the winter, arrived in Athens just a few hours ago. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do, and I’m hoping having two Portuguese players on the squad will help boost not only Simoes’ performances, but it might also help out Barbosa too.


One Response to “Panachaiki 1-1 AEK”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Kougias is a big baby, a big 5 year old. He realized that will be the last time the cameras will be focused on his team, the last time his team will be playing a big team, a worthy opponent. So he figured he would take advantage of the lime light and make a fool of himself.

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