Finally Back!

As Julio Cesar himself said, we’re back at the top!

(I cant help but appreciate Cesar’s passion for this team, even after having left so many years ago)

Its been an eventful two years, and two years which really should have never happened. But it was inevitable, and I think in the long run we’ll be better off because of the two years we spent away from the Superleague.

I know our promotion was never in doubt, not once since the moment we fell in April of 2013, but its still a wonderful feeling being back where we belong. Its also bittersweet, since as great as it is to be back, I’m afraid that the league really hasn’t cleaned up one bit since we left. Will that change once Melissanidis has a say? Only time will tell, but all I know is that if our management is as serious as they want to seem, then the AEK of next season and after will be a very different team from the one that fell two years ago. And by that I mean not only in terms of players, but also the fact that a lot of that negative history that was holding us back has now left, and instead what we have is essentially a clean slate.

Our promotion today was of course thanks to our 1-0 win against Iraklis in OAKA. Yet another disappointing match, but at least we got the job done and can now finally take a deep breath.

I know this hasn’t been the best AEK we’ve ever seen, but Dellas, the team, and management deserve credit for getting us where we are. A lot of our players could have potentially played with Superleague teams this season, but instead chose to stick with us knowing that one day soon it would be worth it, and I’m certainly glad they did.

Needless to say, nothing is over yet. Sure we’ve made it back to the top, but its only really now that things really start to get going. We still desperately need some new signings in quite a few positions, we need some sort of a plan, some sort of vision, and a management team that is ambitious and not afraid to hold back. That doesn’t mean to play it risky, as we have in the past, but we can’t hold back either. The fact that we made it back to the first division means nothing at the end of the day if we aren’t going to be challenging for the championship. No matter what has happened before this moment, we are, and always will be, AEK.


3 Responses to “Finally Back!”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Thank you Dellas for bringing us back, and of course we couldnt have done it without the backing of Melisanidis! NIce to see everyone united as we should be and no more taking sides.
    Nice to see Cezar remembering, i still remember his goal against Milan, what a night that was!!
    There were no guarantees that we were going to be back, it took a lot of planning, nothing was given!! Look at Aris they will do another year in the 3rd division.

    Here is a link of todays highlights

    Next goal for us is our stadium, we should have been playing in there next fall!! Lets get this going pls!!

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    I forgot to say one more thing, for those of us that never gave up on the team, a popular saying for us, AEK sta efkola, AEKARA sta dyskola 🙂

  3. gtmanleg Says:

    I don’t know what to say, other than it’s good to be back.

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