AEK 3-0 Panachaiki

A vital three points for us earlier today, three points which go a long way in keeping us safely in position for promotion. Our performance was apparently anything but spectacular, especially in the first half, but we still managed to get away with a convincing score (even if our playing wasn’t always as convincing).

Judging from the highlights, we were lucky to not have a goal or two scored against us. Not sure if it was pressure getting to the heads of the Panachaiki players, but had their finishing been more accurate, we definitely would have had a much harder game on our hands. Thankfully though, it seems like it just wasn’t meant to be for Panachaiki and we managed to score a couple impressive goals (the third from Bakakis in particular is well worth watching).

The win keeps us level with Iraklis in 1st, with 13 comfortable points. Our nearest threat, Apollon, are on 4 points after their 0-1 away win over Larissa.


16 Responses to “AEK 3-0 Panachaiki”

  1. gtmanleg Says:

    Let’s keep it rolling!

  2. mind writing an article on transfer news & rumours? maybe not now but closer to the transfer window 🙂

    • alexaek Says:

      Absolutely! I’ll try and sum up some of the players we’ve been looking at so far (I know we’ve been quite keen on getting a Dutch keeper these past few days, but apparently theres no interest in him from some other Dutch teams). Should have the post up by sunday. Go ahead and remind me if I dont though 😛 Fairly busy weekend but I should get to it.

  3. gtmanleg Says:

    Looks like we won today. Closer…

    • alexaek Says:

      Yep! I managed to get off work early today so I could catch the second half, but of course today of all days I have internet issues here at home!

  4. Ozgur Çeltikçi Says:

    Just discovered this website!! Amazing work!!! Keep it up!!!

    About the team, we have sadly started to play our worst football in the playoffs. Chrysantus, as I expected, has been nothing short of a bust and we were incredibly lucky to win vs Apollon. Not the best of performances against Panahaiki either. Good that we built up a huge lead in the League Phase.

    Anything about the Nike sponsorship deal? I remember Melissanidis was paying great attention to that.


    • alexaek Says:

      Glad you found the site!

      Its true, the playoffs have shown that we definitely have a huge amount of work to do.

      I cant remember if the Nike deal was actually officially announced. Ill have to check the official site, but last I saw it was a done deal.

      • Chris Zap Says:

        i think we signed with Nike for 3 years?! They have been having some meetings regarding the team and how to improve it. Apparently the other day (Panahaiki game) Melisanidis spend an hour with Dellas and Bajevic after the game at OAKA to go over what they have to do to improve the team for next year. They better make some serious signings if they want to compete next year!!
        I was glad to see Barbosa score. He has good techique and he has been close a few times but he also has to put the ball in the net to win the fan’s confidence. They have been a bit hard on him.

  5. Ozgur Çeltikçi Says:

    Well, firstly, we should stay away from signing mediocre players to long contracts.That was exactly why we dug ourselves a gravish hole in late 2000s and early 2010s.

    Then, we’d better hold onto our decent players who deserve a chance in the Super League next year. Soiledis, Aravidis, Barbosa, Johansson, Tzanetopoulos, Platelas, Cordèro all deserve to be a part next season.

    I like the rumour about Scocco. That is the stereotypical player we should go after if we want European football in 2016-17, cheap but can make a difference. I’d be delighted if we can get a few decent players out of contract this summer. Atiba Hutchinson from Beşiktaş and Rio Mavuba from Lille would particularly be fantastic signings to establish a central midfield core of athleticism and technique.

    We need a GK but it’s not an urgency, considering most Super League sides have poor staff in that position. There’s no point in signing a GK from Segunda or Serie B when we’ve got Vouras and Anesti.


    • Chris Zap Says:

      What do you think of Djebour? Is it worth bringing him back?

      We have a game today against Larisa, 6PM Athina time I believe.

      • I personally don’t want Djebbour back but if it happens I won’t be too disappointed.

    • The thing with Chrisantus is that AEK can release him this summer without having to worry about paying extra fees. His contract might be 3.5 years but the way they structured it is 0.5+1+1+1.

    • Atiba would be cool, since I’m from Canada

  6. Ozgur Çeltikçi Says:

    Djebbour? He’ll no!

    Like Chrysantus, he was signed by Sivasspor in the hope of bringing firepower to assist John Utaka, but he scored only 2 goals in around 20 apps before he was released.

    If you’re asking me what players to sign from Turkey, I’d recommend four players – Aatif Chachehoue from Sivasspor (should be available for €2m, Algerian/French, plays anywhere upfront, has scored over 40 goals in 2,5 seasons), Uğur Ucar from Basaksehir FK (out of contract as of May 31, Turkish, consistent right-back, has played in his team’s most games), Douglão from Akhisarspor (towering centre back with good passing skills, Brazilian, should be available for less than €1m) and Atiba Hutchinson from Beşiktaş (out of contract as of May 31, Canadian but holds a Dutch passport, extremely athletic defensive midfielder, has played at right-back and attacking midfielder roles for extended periods, versatile and good on the ball, should command a yearly wage around €800k).

    Ezequiel Scarione (AM C, Kasimpasa), Semih Şentürk (ST, Basaksehir FK), Fernandão (ST, Bursaspor) and Ryan Babel (AM LC, Kasimpasa) are all attainable options with fees around €3m but may be too hard to sign because of financial issues .

    Come on, now! Let’s get AEL outta way!!!


  7. Chris Zap Says:

    Nice to see an x-AEK player doing well,

    He used to have coffee at the bakery adjacent to our house in Kifissia when we were living there. I think he autographed the program that featured him on the cover, i have to look for that program!

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