Playoff Schedule Released

I know its something that has been discussed quite a bit here on the blog, and our playoff schedule has now been finally released. The matches will be as follows:
Iraklis – AEK (April 26th)
AEK – Panachaiki (May 5th)
AEK – Apollon Smyrnis (May 9th)
Larisa – AEK (May 13th)
AEK – Olympiakos Volou (May 20th)
AEK – Iraklis (May 24th)
Panachaiki – AEK (May 31st)
Apollon Smyrnis – AEK (June 3rd)
AEK – Larisa (June 7th)
Olympiakos Volou – AEK (June 14th)

Our hardest match without a doubt will be our first with Iraklis on the 26th, though as anyone can tell from looking at the schedule, not one of these matches will be easy. Thankfully though, our 10 point cushion will take a lot of the pressure off, so I think its safe to say were in a pretty good position as far as getting promoted is concerned.

One thing you will probably also notice, is that we play until the 14th of June, which is very late into the season to be playing (not to mention a very hot time of year in Greece to be playing). Hopefully this doesn’t affect our pre-season prep time too much.

It was recently announced that as of next season, our jerseys will be made by Nike. I’ve been pretty happy with the recent jersey’s weve had from Puma, but I feel like as if Nike will be a nice change since I consitently like the jerseys they put out. AEK365 recently posted a photo of 9 current Nike jerseys redone to look like AEK jerseys and I must say I quite like a few of them. Of course, these are amateur mock ups and nothing official, but I’d be happy if we managed to have one of the ones posted. To see the mock ups, check out AEK365’s link here

9 Responses to “Playoff Schedule Released”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Finally, let the games begin!! In terms of jerseys, i vote for the classic look 🙂
    Interesting article on the BBC

  2. gtmanleg Says:

    Thanks for the schedule!

  3. gtmanleg Says:

    Looks like we lost the first one, but in some ways it won’t matter too much since it was to the other team with a huge head start.

    • True. And this was probably out most difficult match of the playoffs, so the worst should be out of the way.

      Loss for our basketball team as well unfortunately, as well as for my local soccer team in ottawa and the local hockey team. Not a good weekend for me as far as sports are concerned.

      • I’d love for a TFC v Fury game if your team manages to beat Edmonton (currently playing second leg now).

        If that happens we could meet up wearing AEK jerseys 😉

      • never mind! ottawa is already losing 2-0.. maybe next time

  4. I know it was never gonna happen, but fury vs tfc would’ve been awesome! Maybe in a couple years, if they manage to improve the team and prevent it from folding

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