Kalithea 0-2 AEK

A fairly routine win for AEK against mid-table Kalithea, though an important one none the less as we look to seal as many points for the playoffs as possible. Reviews for the players with Dounis, Chrisantus, Anakoglou, Vouras, and Johansson given particularly high ratings by AEK365, while pretty much our entire defense of Rovas, Kolovetsios, Sarris, and Soleidis gave what were considered to be pretty weak performances.

Our two scorers were Dounis, who opened the scoring in the 30th minute with a well placed shot, and Chrisantus, scoring his first goal for AEK with another well placed shot. VP for the match was once again Johansson, a player who is constantly impressing everyone with how solid he is in the middle of the pitch.

The win, our 21st of the season, as brought us up to 62 points with second place Panachaiki on a relatively low 46. I haven’t seen a playoff table for sure but I believe as Nick mentioned in my previous post, that today’s win got us back the point we had lost from our penalty.

In addition to our football team’s comfortable win, our basketball team had their own win today, one which was both entertaining and impressive. The win, a 93-77 win over fourth placed Aris, extremely important as far as our chances of finishing in the top four are considered, and our performance today certainly showed signs of a team worthy of a top four finish. Our three pointers, as can be seen from the video below, were very accurate today, and it seemed like all players were having a good day.

Today’s win puts us just one point behind Aris, with 35 points. While the top two is certainly out of our reach at the moment, we now also sit only two points behind PAOK, with our rivals from the north currently on 37 points.

Speaking of PAOK, we played them today for the Handball Cup Final, a match-up which we’ve seen before in recent years. Unfortunately we weren’t as lucky as in previous Cup finals as the match, which saw some incidents involving AEK supporters and riot police, ended in a close 29-27 victory for PAOK.


8 Responses to “Kalithea 0-2 AEK”

  1. Off topic: do we know when the play offs will start and hoe does it works?

    • I personally dont know for sure, but Ill get back to you when I found out about both questions. Im wondering if we’re playing each team once or twice. Considering how many teams are in the playoffs, I wouldnt be surprised if we only play each team once.

      • Chris Zap Says:

        We lost Cordero for a part of the playoffs, some sort of an injury.

      • I was under the assumption we’d play 10 games (therefore home and away). As for when it’s starting, they keep delaying it for some reason.

  2. Since we are starting with 10 points, I am assuming that they will play each twice. Otherwise it would be almost impossible not to advance.

    • Good point.

      This is getting a bit ridiculous though, with the delays to the start of the playoffs, were gonna be playing until the middle of the summer at this rate.

      • gtmanleg Says:

        Yeah, if there are 10 games to play it is kind of crazy enough, but the delay really is pushing this back. I guess we can pretend it is our champions league this year ;).

      • Ah, I miss watching us in Champions League.

        So, apparently the draw for the playoffs will take place tomorrow, and the first games should be starting this Sunday. Hopefully its true.

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