Fostiras 1-3 AEK

Today’s match didn’t get off to the most comfortable start, with Fostiras taking an early lead. It didn’t take all that long though for AEK to even score and eventually get a fairly straightforward win.

Our first scorer was Johansson, scoring off of an Aravidis cross. I’m happy to see him score a goal considering his performance so far this season has been consistently promising, but I’m also happy to see Aravidis provide some quality balls into the box. I know we all love seeing Aravidis as a scorer, but with Mantalos gone we’ll need someone else to provide the longs balls in and Aravidis certainly seems to be up for that role.

Our second goal was scored by Platellas while Zoric scored the third, a beautifully taken shot from a difficult position and an even more difficult angle. Aside from our three scorers, the rest of the team also had a good day on the pitch, and though I didn’t get to watch the whole match, it looked like Chrisantus in particular was quite active. He still has yet to score a goal, but he was always pushing forward, moving the ball around nicely, and creating as well as participating in a number of chances. He definitely has some speed and good ball control, and he seems like the kind of player who will compliment our main goal scorers quite nicely.

Our keeper today was Vouras, and he had a good game from what I read, though really he didn’t have all that much to do. We did concede a goal though there wasn’t that much he could do on the play and the blame really lies on the defense. Aside from that, he made an impressive save later on after a well taken shot by a Fostiras player.

Our basketball team also had a good day, winning 97-73 against Kifissia and managing to remain in the top 5 of the league.


One Response to “Fostiras 1-3 AEK”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Nice video that shows the atmosphere at OAKA during the cup game, our game is at the 5:45 mark

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