AEK 4-0 Ermionidas

Apologies for the delay getting this post up.

Our win on Saturday was a comfortable one for AEK, something that was a bit of a relief to hear considering Ermionidas were the first team we didn’t manage to beat in the league.

Our four goals were scored by four different scorers with Anakoglou scoring the first goal followed by Dounis, Aravidis, and D’Acol. It was nice to see Aravidis on the scoresheet (he has scored an impressive 13 goals in 13 games) as well as D’Acol. D’Acol’s game yesterday was his first in months since he was injured, so for him to get a goal on his return can only help boost his confidence.

Aside from scoring four goals during the match, we also dominated possession with 64%, while also being by the far the more active team in front of goal with 24 shots compared to 6 for Ermionidas. Our starting keeper for the match was Ilias Vouras while Anestis was on the bench for the game. I assume this was to give him a rest which makes sense, seeing as I can’t actually remember a game where he wasn’t our starting keeper.

I noticed just now that Soleidis was not featured in our starting 11 or on our bench, which worried me for a second. However, I looked at the squad who will be in OAKA for our game against Olympiakos, and Soleidis is indeed listed. I’ve been quite impressed with him so far this season so its certainly a bit of a relief to know he isn’t injured.

Speaking of our game against Olympiakos, its been announced that there are just about 5,000 tickets left for the match. Regardless of whether or not those remaining tickets all sell (which I believe they will), its guaranteed that the crowd in OAKA come Wednesday is going to be awfully impressive.


5 Responses to “AEK 4-0 Ermionidas”

  1. alexaek Says:

    I’d also like to mention our basketball team’s impressive win over the weekend, a 48-89 away victory against Apollon Patras. This win was actually one of our most significant score wise of not only our return to the top division, but of the past 30 years or so.

  2. Hey, I wrote an article in English on tomorrow’s derby. Would love it if you (and whoever else is interested) would read it. Thanks 🙂
    It can be found right here, titled “OPA! Meet the Greek Old Firm”

    PS I know Mitroglou is unavailable but the people who run the site didn’t have enough time to implement any changes so just ignore that part aha

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    Very nice article Nick, well written and unbiased. I was very close to going, had the airline ticket screen open in front of me, i was ready to hit the buy button but the $1700 last minute fee held me back. My uncle had a ticket for me, had a place to stay but gamoto, $1700 is a lot of money 😦
    I was there at the last cup game between the two teams, that unforgettable cup game. Lets hope it doesnt go to penalty shots.
    Anyway, i’ll be there in May to watch AEK vs Irakli at the cup final 😉

    • That 4-4 game was one of the best if not best game I’ve ever watched, oh how I miss Scocco aha. Unfortunately for me I’ve never been to an AEK game ever cause I’m from Canada so you have it better than me at least! Anyway, game’s about to start….

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